How to prevent dehydration in children

How to prevent dehydration in children

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Drinking water is one of the most important acts to maintain the health of our body for several reasons, but mainly because our body is made up of 70% water. However, it is difficult for parents to detect the sensation of thirst in children. That is why, especially in the hot months, we can anticipate and prevent dehydration in children.

The body muscles have a high percentage of water, and because of this, when you lose muscle weight, the first thing you lose is precisely water. Additionally, the brain is made up of 85% water, and hence good hydration favors its optimal functioning.

Nevertheless, the sensation of thirst is one of the signals of the organism that are more difficult to detect in childhood –And sometimes in adulthood. The vast majority of children are able to detect when they are hungry, and they ask for food many times a day, even when they do not have it, since sometimes they mix the feeling of hunger with that of boredom, but rarely they ask for water, and When asked, your body is already showing the initial signs of dehydration.

Water helps regulate body temperature, which rises above normal when the body begins to dehydrate. In addition, water carries nutrients to cells, playing key functions in the digestion of food, which becomes longer and heavier if the body does not have enough water, and what is more significant, lack of water causes lethargy, lightheadedness and lack of energy, as the brain and muscles do not function 100%.

- If when it is not hot it is difficult for the child to put aside their fun to eat or drink water, in summer, when most children enjoy their time playing outdoors, things get even more complicated. However, it is obviously when the heat squeezes when the need to keep the child's body hydrated is more important and necessary, to prevent the aforementioned symptoms, since at this time the body can be dehydrated up to 3%.

- In addition, it is important to add that the child's body needs water for growth too, so their water needs are proportionally higher than those of an adult.

- It is convenient, however, not to be alarmed, since there are many options to keep our little ones hydrated, and not all of them go through drinking a glass of water. Vegetables and especially those dishes, such as salads, which include raw vegetables, provide a lot of water.

- Summer fruits, such as watermelon or melon, are a very good option to hydrate and refresh the child, and if, in addition, we put them in the freezer, they can become a fun ice cream that will attract their attention even more.

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