Reflexology in the postpartum or puerperium

Reflexology in the postpartum or puerperium

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Reflexology during pregnancy is a key piece to keep our health and well-being in perfect balance, it will prepare us physically and emotionally to receive the arrival of the new baby, but what happens when our little one joins the outside world?

Our passionate and instinctive feeling that motherhood entails makes us forget ourselves and yet the minutes, hours and days after delivery are a period of both physical and emotional 'work', the importance of which is no less than that of the child. time to give birth.

1. Balances the entire Endocrine System

2. Helps eliminate fluids more quickly after delivery

3. Promotes Circulation

4. Relieves constipation and hemorrhoids.

5. Helps the uterus and pelvic and abdominal muscles to shrink and contract more quickly

6. Relieves pain after an episiotomy

7. Faster recovery from a cesarean section

8. Stimulates the rise of milk

9. Avoid mastitis, or help fight it

10. Improves pain in the Musculoskeletal System

But there is something that from my point of view must be made to disappear, I mean any type of tension in the mother, reflexology will help you feel much better about yourself, avoiding depressions and above all it will give you great security in the new situation .

A challenging period also begins in the couple and therapy will help strengthen the bond between the two, reducing anxiety and stress. Besides, I always say the same thing, a calm mother guarantees us a calm baby.

The new situation and the adaptation period make the treatment more effective by performing it at home, close to the baby. This produces better results, being in a known place, close to the child, will induce the mother to a greater state of relaxation.

A good trained reflexologist with the appropriate specialty is used to working at home to avoid any kind of discomfort to the new mother. Go ahead, call a trusted reflexologist and let yourself be taken care of.

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