7 tips for not getting bored in marriage if you have children

7 tips for not getting bored in marriage if you have children

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Socrates said: 'He who is not happy with what he has would not be happy with what he would like to have', and so it is how we forge our family life and above all, as a couple; and couples (leaving the children aside for a moment) and love, I want to talk to you.

Because I wonder what kind of couple love are we showing our children? How are our displays of affection? Are we still showing passionate love or partner love? Or on the contrary, do we get bored as a couple? Are we monotonous? Is that what we are teaching our children? I hope and wish you have positive answers for the first questions, because if you are more focused on the answers of the second type of questions, this article is for you. Here are some tips to avoid getting bored in marriage if you have children.

All marriages know that keeping our promises made on our wedding or engagement day is something that entails, at least, attention, desire and sometimes effort. It is proven that after two years, our love story ends up being neutralized. And it is that, one believes that when you find the right person, happiness will last forever, however, there are marriages that are dissatisfied and bored.

I want to share some guidelines to keep in mind so as not to have the feeling of boredom in our marriage or relationship, after having children. And, taking advantage of the summer, that everything is revived, here are some tips to avoid getting bored in marriage. Here we go:

1. Don't forget to value your partner. The first one is, the importance of continuing to appreciate our partner. This means appreciating it, enjoying it or thanking it for all the good it has brought to your life. Since when have you not appreciated this from your partner? Be grateful to him or her, and re-enjoy certain moments by remembering them.

2. Add a dash of surprise.The second guideline that I offer you speaks of the element of surprise. Since when have you not surprised your partner? I'm not saying do something that surprises her, but rather organize something that you know will make her very excited. Being more spontaneous will help you achieve this.

3. Change your routine. Third guideline, restructure your routines. Review what things you do routinely, and start thinking about how to change them. The idea is to change the routines that promote pleasant sensations, because if we get used to them, they will lose the pleasure or satisfaction factor.

4. Don't be monotonous. As a fourth guideline, think of variety. It is important to keep the variety factor in mind for a relationship to maintain the spark. If our marriage is spiced with an abundant diversity, we will avoid routine and we will ensure that our relationship and our love maintain originality, meaning and optimism.

5. More empathy with your partner. The fifth guideline focuses on helping our partner feel fulfilled or rejoice for their good news. Sharing and celebrating the successes of our partner will make us enjoy a relationship of understanding, satisfaction and gratitude.

6. Don't forget physical contact. Don't forget to maintain affection and contact. In relationships it is important to touch and caress (not only in a sexual way) but in your day to day. The crucial importance of physical contact in human life is indisputable. A handshake, a hug, a pat on the back, an arm on the shoulder ...

7. Positive thinking. And finally, think about whether you are in your relationship under a goal of approach or an objective of avoidance. That is, do you struggle to have positive experiences in your relationship or do you avoid conflict and rejection?

Following these guidelines, our children will learn from us the true meaning of living as a family. And of course, we as parents, we will move away from boredom.

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