Before touching a baby ... wash your hands!

Before touching a baby ... wash your hands!

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A Tennessee dad has posted pictures on Imgur warning other parents about the risks of touching the baby without first washing their hands.

Along with the photos appears a text explaining that your baby is hospitalized after being infected with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). It seems that he himself was the one who transmitted this disease, a condition that can be serious in babies and newborns.

Photo: Imgur

The father, who has not revealed his name, did not know the severity of the disease he was carrying, so did not take hygiene measures when approaching your daughter. The girl began to show some symptoms that alerted the parents and took her to the hospital. At first she was diagnosed with viral meningitis, but finally the tests detected RSV. Doctors even feared for his life, but after three weeks in the hospital he is recovering favorably.

Father comments: "RSV is no joke, I didn't know much about it until a week ago, when I almost lost my daughter. Please make sure to wash your hands before touching the little ones. And make sure you cover it up tightly. when you go out into the cold "

RSV can cause upper and lower tract infections, often causing bronchiolitis and pneumonia in babies. It usually has mild symptoms in adults, but in babies and children it can be more serious. It is a very contagious virus and spreads through contact.

This father assumed that he was the one who infected his baby, and although it is not possible to know for sure, his warning must not fall on deaf ears. It is almost a mandatory measure not to touch or caress the newborn if we have not washed our hands before. And it is that his immune system is not yet developed.

If you are going to feed your baby, if you are going to take him in your arms, if you have changed his diaper, if the brother appears attracted by that little face that looks at him, if the grandmother comes from the street directly to take the baby in her arms ... stop! Remind yourself and others that they have to wash their hands first, everyone will understand.

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