4 reasons why grandparents should last forever

4 reasons why grandparents should last forever

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Within the family, all the figures are fundamental, because to a greater or lesser extent, they all make their contribution. The family works as a system. Generally, the figure of our parents is fundamental, but when we have children it becomes even more important, since these become the grandparents of our children.

At present, in my view, little is the recognition that all of them receive. They have gone from being the people who saw the grandchildren in sporadic moments to, practically, having an importance in the upbringing, and sometimes the education of the children. That is why they have become essential figures. We explain up to 4 reasons why grandparents should be eternal.

Grandparents give much more than they receive, with a generosity that we must highlight, thank and learn.

When I see my parents and the parents of others go out of their way as they go out of their way with their grandchildren, drawing strength and time that sometimes they do not have for them, giving love, smiles, caresses, I wonder if I as a grandfather will be able to be like that.

There is a popular saying, which is repeated like a mantra, "parents educate and grandparents rude"; Well, it is neither real nor true. We tend to repeat it when some of the grandparents' decisions do not agree with our ideal, when we let our selfishness overcome gratitude. In fact, if I had to choose a way, I would have serious doubts when choosing.

For this, There are 4 aspects that I highlight about grandparents, four reasons why they should last forever:

1. Because they are a continuous source of learning.Our proverb is wise, and the saying "the devil knows more by old than by devil" is an absolute truth. His life experiences are rich in knowledge that is very useful to us, today's parents and to our children. Grandparents do not stop teaching us things and in their lived years they have collected endless experiences that today they can relate to us and we should apply.

2. They relativize everything.Their years of life, their experiences and having such an extensive vision of life make all the things that happen to us with our children relativize. Any concern of ours, that as parents we must have, they really know if it is important or not. It is logical that we all have our concerns sometimes even without foundation, that is why his courage and his advice are absolute wisdom. This is great for new parents because it is in them that we find that calm and that tranquility.

3. For always being willing to help out.Most grandparents are always willing to help out. They are aware of the difficulty that today's parents have for family organization and the reconciliation of work and family life and it is in this space where they appear to help out with the grandchildren.

4. Intergenerational coexistence.The figure of the grandparents in the grandchildren is great since these are authentic tellers of countless stories. And one of the things I like most in childhood is being told a good story. The figure of the grandparent is not easily forgotten by a grandchild, because it is vital for their personal growth.

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