How Children Should Sit for a Healthy Back

How Children Should Sit for a Healthy Back

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Surely you have ever observed your child collapsed on the sofa in a contortionist pose that not even your cat can imitate. It is one thing that you admire yourself flexibility that your child's body can have and another that you do nothing to make him feel correctly. We are not talking about a question of social norms, but of health.

Poor sitting posture can lead to back injuries of varying severity in the long run. And it is always better to instill good postural hygiene when they are children than to suffer back pain, contractures and other more important injuries as an adult. If you teach your child to sit properly you will be guaranteeing a healthy back in the future.

We tell you how children should sit to maintain a healthy back.

It is never too late to educate ourselves in postural hygiene, But it is always better to accustom the child to sitting correctly than to wait for a back injury to appear before acting. And the truth is that children tend to adopt bad postures when sitting, both on the sofa, on the floor and in the chair. Knowing how children should sit is important for healthy backs.

A bad posture, but very frequent, is sitting with half butt out of the chair. This is generally the posture children take when they do homework or when they sit down to eat but are willing to run away. Collapsing on the couch with your back to one side is also not the healthiest way to watch TV, not for your back or for your eyes.

When the children sit down on the floor they also tend to take bad postures. As frequent as harmful to the hips is to sit with your legs bent back in a W shape. sit on the heels it is the best way to promote postural development. If your child wants to sit on the floor, it is healthier for him to do so when Indian style.

The healthiest posture to maintain a healthy back is to sit with the Straight back, supported on the backrest from a chair and at a 90 ° angle. The legs must reach the ground and the elbows must be supported. This is the correct posture for children to sit. The reality is that this position is rarely achieved and the only ones responsible are not the children.

How many children's or youth rooms Are they prepared so that the child feels correctly when doing homework or studying? Generally the study tables they are too small and children have to juggle to fit the book and notebook at the same time. Thus they end up adopting a posture with their back turned that allows them to write. And for some unknown reason, the children's work chair is not given as much attention as the parents'.

It is also very common to let children do the homework at the dining room table. With the table and chairs too high, children's legs hang down and their backs end up in a strained posture. Therefore, children must be taught the need to maintain proper postural hygiene, but they must also be provided with Suitable environment for them to do so.

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