Strategy board games for kids

Strategy board games for kids

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As it is not always possible to go out to play outdoors and since we do not want our children to spend the afternoon hooked on the console or the computer, we have proposed to look for a fun leisure alternative capable of contributing to the intellectual development of children. We have found it in table games.

Board games for children are of various types. There are games of chance, card games, concentration games, creativity games and also Strategy games where children can develop their intelligence while exercising one of their Fundamental Rights which is fun.

Toys are a good tool to stimulate children's intellectual development and abilities. Strategy games are ideal for children to practice their deductive skills, the logic reasoning and learn to achieve goals through elaborate plans. In addition, these types of games teach children how to solve problems, a very valuable skill that will be of great help in their adult life.

Nor can we forget at any time the playful factor board games. One thing is that we take advantage of the game to develop certain skills of children and another thing is that we move away from the fundamental objective of strategy board games, which is fun. We have selected the strategy games that children enjoy the most.

1. Settlers of Catan. It is one of the most fun board games where chance and strategy intervene. The objective of the game is to colonize a fictional kingdom based on talks, strategies, proposals and a touch of luck.

2. Carcassone. Unlike most strategy games where the objective is to conquer territories, this game does not have a board, but it is formed with tiles as the conquest progresses.

3. Risk. In this case it is a mission with high sights, nothing more and nothing less than conquer the world based on an elaborate strategy. You have to conquer territories while players are being eliminated, and at the same time the children are learning geography in a very fun way.

4. Chess. Playing chess is one of the activities that most enhances the intellectual development of a child. If the strategy required by this game is too complicated for your age, you can always opt for a simpler game, the ladies, but sharing the same goal.

5. Connect 4. It is another of the traditional board games that is played in pairs. A face to face trying to place the 4 tiles of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally while fighting to prevent the opponent from getting it earlier.

6. Monopoly or Pallet. Strategy game in which children must go buying streets or stores and places, managing money well. They will be able to increase the value of their possessions by building houses and hotels. Great for reviewing math with them.

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