A baby's dilemma: how or do I sleep?

A baby's dilemma: how or do I sleep?

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If there is one thing that babies need in their first days of life, it is sleep. But of course, they also need to eat. And there comes the great dilemma: what happens when the baby is hungry and sleepy at the same time?

The vast majority of newborns have great ability: the ability to eat while sleeping. Yes, incredible as it may seem, if you feed a sleeping newborn, they will eat, but without waking up. It will eat and sleep, and it will eat again and sleep again. You'll have to wake him up a bit. You will eat more slowly, but you will eat. However, as he grows, the baby begins to differentiate between these two needs. And what seemed so simple before, turns into a real gibberish.

If you ask an adult: what do you do if you are hungry and sleepy at the same time? You will probably be answered by one of the two options: 'Eat and then sleep' or 'sleep and then eat'. For a baby the answer is not so clear. Why not do both at the same time? Just like he did when he was a newborn. But it is not so easy anymore.

Hunger sometimes prevents sleep. Because if you sleep ... you don't eat. And here lies the problem. This is what happens to this baby, who tries to sleep, but also to eat. And he despairs because he realizes that what was so simple before is no longer so.

And it is that if we take into account the number of hours that babies sleep, it is normal that they often run into this problem. Babies in their first days can sleep up to 20 hours a day. As they have to eat every three hours or so, this makes it essential to develop that reflex skill: eat without waking up.

As they grow, babies relegate the hours of sleep. By six months, most babies can tell day from night. At night they can sleep about 11 hours and during the day, three hours divided into small naps. The most normal thing is also that they eat during the hours they are awake, although they are still not very clear about it and it happens to many babies like the protagonist of the video ... why can't I do both at the same time? Normal: it was one thing to suckle while sleeping and quite another to chew.

Without a doubt, a tender scene that surely brings back memories for more than one.

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