Premature baby graduates from intensive care in exciting ceremony

Cullen was born at just 22 weeks gestation. He weighed 394 grams, and the doctors didn't give him a 2% chance of getting out alive. However, babies sometimes show us that miracles do exist, and Cullen struggled to survive.

We show you the exciting time a premature baby graduates from intensive care. It's Cullen. Discover its amazing history.

Cullen's mom, Molli, tI have complications with pregnancy from practically the first moment. In fact, at week 19, she had to be admitted to the Pensacola hospital (Florida, United States) due to the threat of premature delivery. They managed to stabilize her until week 22. And given the impossibility of stopping labor for longer, the doctors warned the couple: if the baby was born, I'd only have a 2% chance of getting out alive of intensive care. And they added: 'if he got out of this alive, he would be left with terrible consequences and some severe disability.'

The news was devastating, but Cullen's parents did not give up and, despite their terrible upset, they mustered all possible strength to believe in their son and his slim chances. They called 16 hospitals looking for the one best prepared for very premature babies, and they trusted their son. The previous year they had suffered two miscarriages and they had to fight to get Cullen forward. So in the end they bet on the Children's and Women's Hospital, where little Cullen was born, at 22 weeks of gestation and weighing only 394 grams. He was incredibly small and very weak, and he had to pass months in intensive care. But, far from fulfilling the dire prognoses, Cullen managed to get out of Intensive Care, and 160 days after his birth, go home, weighing 2.5 kilos and without any apparent serious sequel.

To celebrate the little miracle, an emotional graduation party was prepared intensive care. Cullen had earned his honors degree, no doubt. So a party was prepared in style: with ceremonial music, graduation cap and of course, diploma.

Cullen's parents wanted to share this moment on their social networks to give hope to all parents who go through this same ordeal. Their example, they say, the example of Cullen, can give strength to all these parents, with the positive message of: 'yes, you can get ahead and without serious consequences'. They also emphasized the latter because they found many negative messages that even criticized trying to carry a great premature baby, claiming that many of these babies leave with terrible disabilities.

Cullen's parents bet on this positive message, the one from Cullen's graduation video, where we can see how nurses and doctors cometo congratulate the best of his students. Parents, of course, couldn't contain their excitement. Cullen had finished the toughest of college majors: survival. A good start, without a doubt, to begin, now, to take your first steps through life.

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Video: Premature Baby Wears Cap and Gown to Celebrate Graduation From NICU (January 2022).