Children must learn to be bored

Children must learn to be bored

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'I'm bored mom! What should I do? '... The monster of boredom peeks out from under the door and the parents when hearing this phrase we left terrified as if it were a hurricane. That phrase seems to imply us have to solve the afternoon to children, it breaks our daily tasks and pushes us to have to safeguard them from boredom. However, this is something we should not do: lChildren must learn to be bored.

Swimming, horse, English, motor skills, handball, guitar, dance ... every afternoon we schedule a lot of extracurricular activities so that our children do not get bored, and from parents we become drivers who take children from one place to another until at the end of the day, children and parents come home with dark circles that reach our chin.

Today's parents we have been so involved in education of our children, that we over stimulate them and forget that we should leave them a free space, a time to play, to think, and to look at the ceiling discovering shapes in the chips. The fact is that children are so unaccustomed to being bored that sometimes they have free time, they don't know what to do with it and they turn to us as their unconditional saviors that we are.

The child does not have to be only child to get bored, there are those surrounded by siblings and toys do not know what to do with their free time.

Children must learn to be bored because:

- Only then can they connect with themselves

- They will learn to know each other

- They will draw your imagination and creativity from within

Creativity is not only understood as imagination to create art, but also to face problem solving and daily conflicts, therefore, boredom will turn them into more decisive people.

It is good that not all your activities are directed, since creativity takes timeThis is why vacations are so necessary for their brains. In this way, the brain, having no worries, lets the imagination fly and that is when, suddenly and by surprise, many of the solutions to problems that we had not resolved for several days. Finding without searching is one of the benefits of boredom.

Therefore, whenever you hear your child say that he or she is bored, don't put your hands on your head, it is the gateway to having a much more creative and decisive child.

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