Christmas angel. Popsicle stick craft

Christmas angel. Popsicle stick craft

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The time to decorate the Christmas tree is one of the most anticipated of Christmas. The illusion of children when filling the house with stars, tinsel, assembling the Nativity scene or the tree is indescribable, and they will surely like it even more if the decorations are homemade.

To get a personalized decoration you only need cardboard, ice cream sticks and a little imagination. This Christmas angel is very simple and quick to make, children will love having an ornament made by them and you are sure to have fun doing it.

  • 1 ice cream stick
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • String or gold ribbon
  • Light blue or gray cardstock
  • White cardboard
  • Black marker
  • Small gray buttons
  • Yellow thread

1. Draw on a white cardboard the silhouette of the angel, measuring the size to be a few centimeters less than the size of the ice cream stick. Cut out the silhouette and place it on a blue card. Draw on it the wings and the hands of the angel, and cut them out too.

2. Glue your hands on the angel's sleeves with a little glue. Then do the same with the wings. Finally, glue the ice cream stick with care that it protrudes a few centimeters from the top, since it will be the head of the angel.

3. With a black marker, draw the face of the angel. Put a little glue on the top of the angel's head, and on the sides, and put a little yellow twine to form the angel's hair.

4. Put a little glue on the buttons and put them as an ornament where you like them. You can look for different colors, sizes and designs to make different angels.

5. From the back, put glue on top of the stick and place the ribbon or string, cut to the size you prefer to be able to place it. Press for a few seconds so that it is well fixed.

6. Your little angel is finished! You can put it in the Nativity Scene or on the tree, as a Christmas ornament.

If you prefer, here we explain it step by step in a video, do it with us. And if you want to see many more ice cream stick crafts go HERE.

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