What is the Montessori method in the education of children

What is the Montessori method in the education of children

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We can all observe that the system of conventional education it has quite a few flaws that affect the intellectual development of our children. For this reason, and faced with the immobility of traditional education, more and more parents are considering giving their children an alternative education.

There are several alternative education methods and one of the most recognized is the Montessori method, based on the experience of Dr. María Montessori. It is a different, freer education that adapts to the needs and concerns of each child, favoring both their learning and their autonomy. We discovered some advantages of Montessori method.

The Montessori method is based on the belief that each child can learn from spontaneously all the skills you require for your adult life. In Montessori schools, children learn to write, read and count in a different way than traditional schools, allowing each child to discover this knowledge as their cognitive skills develop and without pressure.

As each child is different and has a different rhythm, the role of Montessori teachers also varies from conventional education. The teacher observes and analyzes each child while the child is discovering the knowledge for himself and directs him towards those activities that can enhance their development more naturally.

There are no punishments, there is no competition between students, but respect for individual development. That is why it is a more personalized education even though the classrooms are shared by children of all ages. And while the learning of the little ones is based on individual work, group learning is further enhanced in primary school.

This alternative method of education for children finds numerous advantages. The most obvious is the attitude that the child takes when going to school. While in traditional schools children take learning as an obligation and sometimes fearful of falling short, in Montessori schools children enjoy learning at their own pace.

This particularity of the Montessori method protects children's self-esteem by teaching them from childhood that we all have skills and that it is those that we have to enhance. In addition, Montessori children learn in a environment of freedom and respect that will help them in the future to join society with all the values ​​and guarantees.

But one of the most interesting values ​​of the Montessori method is the autonomy that it provides to children. From the first moment, the child discovers the value of personal effort and gets used to his own self-discipline when it comes to learning. His achievements and his work is recognized and rewarded and it is when he understands that he depends on himself to continue learning and advancing. Without a doubt, one of the most important values ​​that will be of great help to you in your adult life.

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