Why chess is so interesting for children

Why chess is so interesting for children

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Everyone knows that chess is a very interesting sport, although it has different opinions. On the one hand, we find people who find it difficult to understand that chess is a sport and have some misgivings about approaching to start practicing it, because they see it very difficult or perhaps because they think they should think a lot. On the other hand, there are people who approach chess in a simple and friendly way.

Be that as it may, chess has many benefits for children (and adults too). Tand we explain why chess is so interesting for children, what are its benefits and advantages.

If you are one of the people who have approached chess, you will surely agree that whoever approaches chess gets hooked and fascinated with the game. What is it about this ancient game that makes it so attractive and interesting?

People usually have their first approach to chess at school. Either as an activity of the center's library, or as an activity promoted by the educational center itself, or, the one that is usually the most accessible, joining chess as an extracurricular activity. Regardless of its approach, I have to say that Chess is an excellent activity because it develops and improves the following abilities and skills in the student:

1. Encourage thinking. It is an activity that invites us to think and reflect, skills that will come in handy in our development as children.

2. It favors reasoning. Thinking and reasoning are two different things. In this case, he develops a reasoning understood as the search for the best possible alternative.

3. Improves memory. It makes you exercise both long and short term memory.

4. Develops problem solving skills. A lot of intuition is needed in chess, you must know how to foresee movements and plays that are going to happen, therefore it is a good training in management and intuition.

5. Improve and develop logical and mathematical reasoning. Therefore it is an activity that favors and develops the student's cognitive abilities and logical reasoning related to numbers.

6. The ability to concentrate is worked on. Playing a game makes you as focused as possible.

7. Develop attention. Ability that we have to be attentive to a certain stimulus.

8. Teach to put oneself in the place of the other. Lastly, and for me, one of the most important is that students exercise in learning to think from the place of the other, of the opponent. This in real life they will have to do very often.

After this analysis, I recommend that children approach chess as an extracurricular activity, for all the benefits it entails.

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