What stories are children afraid of?

What stories are children afraid of?

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When we ride the roller coaster for the first time, when we have had to go through a lonely street at night, when we fear losing our job, when we face some decisive exam, when our partner is late ... we all feel fear ! Fear inevitably accompanies us in life, both children and adults.

There are people who, by nature, are more fearful or hypochondriacs, there are others who, on the contrary, have a courage and courage that is out of the ordinary. Most of us do not know in advance how we will react to a situation that puts the stability of our lives at risk because fear is a very difficult feeling to control.

Fear can block us, but at times it can also bring out unique energy and heroism to avoid a danger that lies in wait for us. Fear, therefore, makes us know ourselves, to realize the consequences that our actions can have and to feel vulnerable.

The attitude to fear has to be one of constant improvement, that is why many stories and stories for children now approach fear as something that can be openly discussed and enjoyed. Stories such as Bat Pat's or tales that offer a humorous view of witches, pirates, mummies or villains circulate normally on the shelves of children's literature, because it seems that children are no longer scared by the bogeyman, or vampires, or anything ... After all, they are fictional characters, part of our imagination!

There is nothing like the news to inspire real fear. I love the Argentine humorous-musical group 'Les Luthiers', in one of their performances they joked with the idea of ​​scaring children, not with witches, or ghosts, or unreal fables, but with real things (which are what they really scare adults). Given to frightening children, it would be better to do it with a spider or good viper!

Fear, once overcome, can be seen and treated as trivial, as an adventure, as something to joke about and laugh at in the future. Children will go through stages also in the emotional aspect, when they experience in the first person that many of their fears were not so bad, because they have learned to face and live with them with serenity. The stories are one more instrument in our hands to help our children deal with their fears.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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