Why we should teach children to enjoy solitude

Why we should teach children to enjoy solitude

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Surely our vacation schedule has been full of fun, displays of affection, enthusiasm, enthusiasm and various activities, but also, I wish and hope that there was time for solitude.

I remember when I was little that I loved to lie on the bed and lift my feet to support them on the wall, and receive that feeling of freshness that the painting gave me ... it was a time to do nothing, just look at my feet and the wall and let my thoughts pass without more. And it is that loneliness also contributes, and a lot. I will explain to you why we should teach children to enjoy solitude.

As parents, we care that our children are entertained, so that they activate both hemispheres of your brain, the left and the right, but also we have to teach them to be alone, without activity, without mobile phones, without television and without various technologies.

I am not talking about a loneliness that bothers (which also at some point in their lives, they will also have to learn) but about those moments when we are with ourselves and we take the opportunity to reflect. And it is that, despite being social beings, and needing others to learn and make sense of what we do, we need to be with ourselves to listen and observe our inner world. Here are some reasons why you should teach your child to enjoy solitude:

1. As we teach our children to be alone, we will be teaching them to be more free, and this can mean that when they become adults, they find healthier relationships, since they will not be with other people for fear of loneliness, but because they really feel good with them.

2. Being alone too, it is another way to bring out our most creative side, perhaps even our most hidden talents. Teaching children to have fun on their own is another great lesson that we can offer to continue developing both hemispheres, especially the right one, which takes care of the imagination. Remember that sometimes when we are accompanied, our talents can be frustrated by those around us.

3. And what about those moments in which we find ourselves alone, and suddenly, we appreciate more what we have? Well, this is another important teaching for our children, to make them aware that taking advantage of the moment, whether they are accompanied or alone, is a very positive way of living life.

4. Being alone can connect you with the here and nowSo, if you teach them a little meditation or tell them how to breathe deeply, appreciating how the air enters and leaves our nose and / or mouth, you will be giving your first Mindfulness classes and our children, receiving them, without realizing it.

5. Sometimes being alone can make us feel sad, that's great! Another perfect moment to teach them to appreciate emotions and above all, to manage them.

In short, being alone helps us to know each other better. For this reason, it is important that you train your children in moments of solitude, appreciating everything that we have exposed in this article, and of course, expanding to what you feel that being alone with yourself can provide.

Not everything in life is going to be activity, tasks or actions…. as well have time to do nothing, it is an effective way to live our agenda.

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