Princess names for girls

Princess names for girls

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Many parents seek inspiration to put the baby's name on famous people. Film actors, television characters or celebrities, all serve to generate ideas. Y the royalty is no exception. European royal houses are an inexhaustible source of ideas for choosing a baby's name.

We look at the actual suckers to make a list of 10 names of princesses, beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, perfect for your girl.

1. Leonor
A Celtic origin is attributed to this name, although the truth is that there is no agreement on its origin or its meaning. What there is agreement on is that it is one of the most used princess names throughout history. At present it is carried by many European heiresses in its variant Leonor, Eleonora or Leonore.

2. Letizia
It is the name of the Princess of Asturias and that is why it wins places in the lists of frequent and popular names. It is a name of Latin origin whose meaning is related to joy. In addition, it exudes elegance and sophistication.

3. Sofia
This name is carried by queens, princesses and infantas throughout Europe. Its Greek origin and its meaning full of wisdom make it one of those traditional names with a lot of personality that never go out of style.

4. Victory
The name of the heiress to the Swedish throne has been carried by countless princesses throughout history. It is of Latin origin and has a most eloquent meaning. The name guarantees success and elegance to your girl.

5. Carlota
This name is not very frequent in royal houses, but it has been popularized by the eldest daughter of Carolina de Monaco. Its Germanic origin endows it with a strength like no other, without losing delicacy and distinction. Without a doubt, a safe bet for your girl.

6. Ingrid
It is the name that Haakon and Mette-Marit from Norway chose for their first girl. It is one of the most attractive names for girls that has a Scandinavian origin and a meaning wrapped in beauty. In addition, its popularity is increasing because it is still a modern and original name.

7. Isabella
This name of Hebrew origin is the one chosen by the princes of Denmark for one of their daughters. But it is also the variant of Isabel, a name that throughout history princesses and queens have been charismatic and with a lot of personality.

8. Catalina
The name is of Greek origin and has a meaning of purity. It is a very charming name and that is why the kings of Holland have chosen it for their daughter. In addition, it is the name that Kate Middleton has adopted after her wedding to Prince William.

9. Alexia
Again a name from the Dutch royal house, although we also find it in the former Greek royalty. Because this name has a Greek origin and is nothing but a variant of Alexandra, one of the most charismatic names for girls.

10. Diana
It is the name given to one of the most loved and admired princesses in the world, Diana of Wales, although she later ceased to be a princess. The name has a Latin origin and comes directly from mythology referring to the Roman goddess Diana, protector of nature.

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