How being overweight affects pregnancy

How being overweight affects pregnancy

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During pregnancy, we try to avoid at all costs any factor that poses a risk to the pregnancy and the subsequent delivery. It is the case of being overweight that, if it is already a problem for anyone's day to day, you have to be even more careful if you are pregnant.

Facing these months in the best of health will reduce complications and favor the well-being of both the mother and the baby that is developing. Therefore, in we tell you how being overweight affects pregnancy and how its negative effects can be mitigated.

An overweight woman who becomes pregnant may suffer more problems than one who is at her ideal weight. Hence, most experts recommend having some planning andlose weight before you get pregnant. In these cases, it is best to prevent to avoid future complications.

A pregnant woman who is overweight is more likely to suffer from hypertension or gestational diabetes. The probability of circulatory problems is also increased during the duration of the pregnancy. However, the problems are not only limited to women, they can also affect the baby's health, which will make you more prone to chronic diseases including obesity or diabetes.

Mothers with overweight or obesity problems tend to leave babies who are larger than usual. Due to this and the physical condition of the woman, delivery may be more difficult than normal or a cesarean section may be necessary. On the other hand, some studies indicate an increased risk of malformations in babies with mothers who are overweight.

It is important to know if your preconception weight is higher than recommended to act accordingly during the rest of the pregnancy. But, from how many kilos do we talk about being overweight?

The World Health Organization estimates that you are overweight when the Body Mass Index (BMI) is equal to or greater than 25. Remember that to calculate this figure you have to divide the weight (in kilos) by the height (in meters) squared. The normal weight of a woman before becoming pregnant should be between 20 and 25.

If your body mass index is in the step considered as overweight, you must take certain measures so that your pregnancy develops with less problems.

1 Go to your gynecologist. In the case of pregnant women with overweight, it is important that the gynecologist carry out a follow-up from before conception. In this way, problems will be identified as soon as possible and action can be taken accordingly.

Take good care of your diet. Eating a varied and healthy diet is essential to guarantee the proper development of the pregnancy. A pregnancy is not the time to diet to lose weight, but to look for a diet that provides all the nutrients that you and your baby need at this time. Otherwise, it can cause nutritional problems or low weight in the baby.

Avoid foods with a lot of saturated fat or sugars and go for a diet full of fruits and vegetables.

3 Distribute your meals. You will feel better and feel less hungry if you divide your meals into five servings a day. Start the day with a balanced breakfast that gives you a lot of energy, have something in the middle of the morning, eat a suitable portion at noon, have a piece of fruit and, finally, dinner before going to bed. Bet on healthier cooking methods such as iron or steam.

4 Watch your vitamin D. Certain overweight problems lead to a deficit in vitamin D, so your doctor may recommend some type of supplement to ensure that your levels are adequate.

Remember that you also need to drink enough fluids to feel good.

5 Exercise according to your circumstance. Your gynecologist will recommend a series of activities that will be adjusted to your circumstances. Although certain sports are contraindicated, walking, swimming, or practicing yoga will help you stay active and feel better. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor what activities you can do.

One of the keys to the overweight does not complicate your pregnancy is to control your diet. To help you, we have made a table in which we collect an example of a weekly menu for your meals. As you can see, fruits and vegetables are very present from first thing in the morning until dinner at night without leaving aside the proteins and other nutrients that both you and your baby need at this time.

Diet for overweight pregnant women

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