10 names for girls that are fashionable among newborns

10 names for girls that are fashionable among newborns

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If before the names of our babies were marked by family weight, religion and tradition; nowadays dads and moms questions such as originality, the meaning of the name or its sound are raised, due to which we see the arrival of Anglo-Saxon names, of flowers or animals and, also, short and updated versions of traditional names such as Leo de Leonor or Lola de Dolores. We also pay attention to the rhymes they can inspire, as well as nicknames, to avoid silly or heavy jokes in the future.

We offer you a very complete list with the 10 names for girls that are fashionable among newborns. Maybe they will give you some idea about the future name of your daughter.

Betting on ancient names is attending to the rich cultural, spiritual, symbolic and historical tradition, which is something very positive. In the same way, if we opt for a singular or original name, we make our baby unique with the peculiarity of not finding many people with the same name. Now you just need to know what your bet is. Here we explain lthe girl names that are getting the most, those that are in fashion and that will be a trend among the girls of their generation.

1. Soul: It is of Latin origin, ‘almus’ and can be translated as “good-hearted” or “giving life”. It belongs to very sentimental women who place a lot of value on friendship. Among the so-called women, Alma Sanz, the daughter of Alejandro Sanz, and the 19th century Viennese composer Alma Mahler stand out. His name day is celebrated on November 1.

2. April: it is the fourth month of the year. Name of Latin origin coming from ‘aprilis’ which means “openness, breadth”. In Ancient Rome it was customary to call the newborn with the name of the month in which she had come into the world. The women named like this bring to mind images of joy, freshness and nature, related to spring and the rebirth of everything. With this name we remember Avril (in its French version) Lavigne, famous singer. His saint is January 30.

3. Chloe: from the Greek name ‘Khloe’ which means “green grass” or “green bud on a plant or flower”, which is understood as flowering. In Greek mythology she is the goddess of agriculture. It is attributed to seductive, balanced women, who take their mother as their example and who, at times, can be very cold. This name is taken by the little girl of the singer Manuel Carrasco. His saint is celebrated on November 1.

4. Jimena: It is a medieval variant of Simeona and is originally from Navarra and translates as "mountain house". Those who call themselves that are simple, with a great sense of humor and very responsible. Among the most popular figures in history so called is Jimena Díaz, who was El Cid's wife. February 18 is his saint.

5. Lola: one of the most Spanish and traditional names. It has Latin origin and can be translated as "the suffering one", referring to the pain that the Virgin Mary suffered when her son Jesus was crucified. It belongs to feisty, sensitive and strong-willed women. Among the famous so-called names are from the cantaora Lola Flores to the actress Lola Herrera. His name day is September 15.

6. Carlota: It has Greek and Frankish origin and can be translated as “strong woman endowed with noble intelligence”. Those who call themselves that are brave, outgoing people with a remarkable capacity for effort. Numerous are the ‘celebrities’ that contribute to popularize it, such as Carlota Casiraghi. His name day is remembered on July 1.

7. Miriam: of Hebrew origin that means "woman whom God loves or venerates." It is closely related to the name of Mary, since they share etymology. The women who call themselves this, like the presenter Miriam Díaz Aroca, are attentive, romantic and very active. His saints take place on January 1.

8. Aitana: some sources indicate that it is of Portuguese origin which would mean "glory". Others point to a Hebrew origin with a translation of "strong." More followers have the position that places its origin in the Latin world and that would mean "the mountain of the Edetans." It belongs to females of character, with an enormous sensitivity and kindness. The actress Aitana Sánchez Gijón is one of the celebrities who have popularized this feminine name. His name day is March 25.

9. Amaia: of Basque origin that can also be written as Amaya and which translates as “that long-desired daughter”. The singer Amaia Montero or the actress Amaia Salamanca have contributed to make it relevant. It is attributed to understanding and creative women. They are also sentimental and devoted in their relationships. His saint is June 9.

10. Vega: It has a Latin and religious origin and means "fertile land". It is typical of women with a strong character with an innate charisma. It was made popular again by the ‘indie’ singer who came out of Operación Triunfo. His saint is September 8

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