Pea cream. Recipe for kids

Pea cream. Recipe for kids

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Children love to come to the table and find colorful dishes and foods. Their eyes pop! If you want to surprise your children with a green cream, prepare this Pea cream. The peas give this dish a very striking green color that will delight young and old, and is very healthy for pregnant women.

Peas are also one of the legumes to which they are most easily used, due to their fun shape and flavor. They will also provide nutrients such as soy and many minerals that promote circulation and growth, due to their high levels of iron and calcium.

  • 650 gr of peas
  • 600 ml of poultry or vegetable broth
  • 150 ml of cream for cooking
  • Salt
  • Black pepper (optional)
  • York ham, cheese or boiled egg (side)

Tips: Both fresh and frozen peas can be used. Instead of cream you can also use milk.

1. Put the broth in a large pot and heat until it boils. With the meat broth, the flavor is not so intense and children accept it better, but it can also be used as a vegetable.

2. Add the well-washed peas (if frozen, follow the manufacturer's instructions). Boil for 3 to 5 minutes over high heat.

3. Remove from the heat and go through the Chinese, or through the mixer if you want a more liquid texture.

4. Place back on the fire, this time at a low temperature, and stir so that it does not boil.

5. Incorporate the cream little by little without stopping to stir. Add the salt and, if desired, the pepper.

6. Serve with a few pieces of ham, hard-boiled egg or cheese. Children will probably prefer the hot soup, but it can also be eaten cold.

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