Letting strangers touch your baby, yes or no?

Letting strangers touch your baby, yes or no?

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You are walking down the street with your baby in the stroller and you meet your neighbor upstairs. He leans out from under the hood and grabs your child's little hands as he cuddles. 'Will his hands be clean?' You ask. You come across the baker, who also feels the irresistible need to remove the pacifier, which obviously wakes your baby from his placid sleep. The straw that breaks the camel's back is that friend of your mother who tries to pick her up ... 'Please don't touch my son!', You want to scream

As parents, we know that strangers who try to kiss, hug, and caress our babies do so with the best of intentions. Therefore, we do not want to be unpleasant with them, but we do not want to expose our little ones to more germs than necessary or have them disturb their sleep. Be nice or cautious?

On our site we open the debate: Should you let strangers touch your baby?

As parents, we can understand that no one can resist the charms of our baby (we are the first to be totally hypnotized). However, we know that With the little ones you have to take extreme hygiene measures to avoid contagion. It is not convenient for a person you come across on the street to pick up and fondle your newborn, because you don't know what he has done before or where he comes from. Many times we are not aware of the dirt that we carry or the bacteria that have accumulated on our hands since the last time we washed them. And the last thing we want is for all those germs to end up in our child's stroller.

But above all, we must avoid being alarmists; nothing will happen because a stranger touches your child. Although you have to be careful, it is not a question of being radical and changing the sidewalk every time you meet someone on the street. Children cannot be kept in a glass bubble, even if we are tempted to do so, because sooner or later they will have to get out of it.

There are many parents, especially new ones, who develop an exaggerated concern for their little ones. This is the case of those mothers who suffer from postpartum anxiety and who have an exaggerated view of the dangers their baby faces.

On the other hand, beyond cleanliness, there is respect for parents, who have the right not to want to expose their children to strangers. Many of them appreciate let the strangers ask if you can pet our son before doing it.

We parents know that when someone tries to caress or hold our child, it is with the best of intentions. So there is no reason to be unpleasant when it comes to making him see that you don't want him to touch your baby. These are some of the funniest ways to do it.

1. Signs of 'do not touch'
Many parents, fed up with strangers trusting their children more than they should, are putting up signs asking them not to touch their children. In these you can read phrases such as "You look at yourself but you don't touch" or "Please don't touch me. I'm little and I don't want your germs." With a loop or string, they are hung on the bar of the baby carriage so that, when leaning over the child, strangers see the warning clearly.

2. Distract with another topic of conversation
When a stranger is going to touch your child, try to distract him with another topic of conversation. Ask him how healthy he is, how his mother is doing, or simply start talking about how delicate your baby's skin is. With this conversation, he will forget (at least for a moment, which you can take advantage of to close the hood of the stroller) of the caresses he was going to give your child.

3. Use as an excuse that your child is sick
In desperation, some parents turn to white lies. With an "I that you would not touch him because he is sick and can infect you", they hope that if the fact of being able to infect the baby with their germs does not stop them, they will not touch them for the sake of their own health.

4. Be clear and honest (and carry disinfectant wipes)
If none of the above works, it is best to be clear and honest. If it is said politely and giving logical reasons, no one will be offended when you ask them not to touch your child. If hygiene is what concerns you most, you can bring wipes or disinfectant liquid and offer it to said stranger. Most people will understand you, and whoever gets angry at your demands ... as my mother says, has two jobs: to get angry and to relax.

And finally, remember: sometimes you are the father of the child who does not have to be touched, but many other times you are that stranger.

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