The white-tufted raven. Children's story about family roots

The white-tufted raven. Children's story about family roots

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Reading stories with children can help you understand some more complicated issues. It is the case of the story of "The white-tufted raven", which talks about our link with family roots and our origin.

In addition, this is an ideal story to encourage reading in your child, since it proposes a simple story but with a lot of fantasy, which will get the little ones hooked. Children tend to love stories starring animals, like this case. We hope you enjoy this story very much!

A merry pair of sparrows made their nest on a tree branch, hoping to fill it very soon with little sparrows.

After a while they realized that nature had denied them the possibility of being parents, and they became very sad.

One morning of any given day, they heard from their nest some pitiful squawks:

- Crooo, croooo, croooo! Croooo, croooo, croooo!

They came down to earth in alarm, and with astonishment they saw that the groans They were from a small crow with a white tuft on its head. He had a broken leg and was squawking in pain.

- Crooo, croooo, croooo! Croooo, croooo, croooo!

Between the two sparrows, very carefully, they carried it to its nest and cured it. Calmer, he told them his story.

The little crow was lost. Embarrassed trying to fly home, he had an accident and fell to the ground dizzy.

The little raven kept calling his parents and brothers; but the sparrows carried away by their desire to be parents, They tricked him by promising to find them later. They hid it for a long period and went to live in another forest so that no one could recognize it and thus stay with it.

The white-tufted crow was growing in its new home. He learned to fly, to love his new parents, he made new friends, and there came a time when he forgot his real family.

One day playing with his swift friends, he heard one crow say to another:

-Look, that lock! Do you remember Cuervito? I had one just like you.

With curiosity they approached him and asked him:

- Hello Cuervito, Are you from this forest?

And the little white-tufted crow felt a pang in his heart, without knowing why.

- Were you born in this forest? the newcomers insisted.

"Yes, I think so," Cuervito answered uneasily, seeing that one of them had the same white lock on his head.

Since that day, every time that Cuervito went to play in the forest, he was there waiting for the strange pair of crows.

One afternoon while Cuervito was flying with his friends, the crow sang a beautiful melody that brought back very pleasant memories, and he felt a pang in his heart again.

The pair of crows, this time accompanied by two other young crows, looked at him insistently, to the point of making him feel uncomfortable.

- It's like I know them from something - Cuervito said to himself, having at the same time the certainty that he had never met them in the forest.

Upon reaching the nest, Cuervito, who had not said anything to his sparrow parents up to that point, brought them up to date on everything that was happening.

After a few long minutes of silence they confessed to him:

- Cuervito, you are adopted. We found you badly injured one day far from here. We heal your wounds and decide to take care of you for life.

The little white-headed crow began to remember, and two large tears fell from its eyes. Not knowing what to say he flew out of the nest.

In the forest his real parents and brothers were waiting happily for him, who had never lost hope of finding him.

Check if your child has understood the story by asking these questions. When you have answered them, ask him what he thought of the storyIf you liked it and what do you think the Sparrows and Cuervito parents should have done.

1. What happened to the crow when the sparrows found him?

2. What physical trait made Cuervito different from the rest of the crows?

3. What did Raven do when the sparrow parents told him he was adopted?

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