The fears of children. Videos about childhood fear

The fears of children. Videos about childhood fear

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Childhood fears or fears vary depending on the character of the child and the situations he lives. Their age also influences. But fears are universal, they begin in the first year of life, and are most prevalent between 4 and 6 years of age.

Fears are natural and can turn into nightmares and night terrors. Fear of the dark, fear of monsters, fear of insects ... We explain what parents can do to help their children overcome their fears.

Since, we have selected a series of videos with useful tips for parents about childhood fear. How to help them get rid of fear? Is there a fear that is 'good'? We answer all your questions.

Videos about childhood fears

How not to reinforce children's fears. Educational video, pisocologa advises on childhood fears. Being afraid is common in childhood. These fears are evolutionary and grow with children. The psychologist Silvia Álava explains to us what children are afraid of according to their age.

When fear is a problem. Some children's fears do not evolve, they become encyst and remain over time. When are children's fears considered a problem? The psychologist Silvia Alava explains to us when children's fears become a cause for concern

Fears in children from 0 to 2 years old. Children's fears tend to evolve and change. You are not afraid of the same things at one age as another. Silvia Álava, an expert psychologist in childhood problems, reveals what the main evolutionary fears are up to two years of age.

I fear them in boys and girls. Do boys have different fears than girls? Silvia Alava, doctor in child psychology, explains what resources children have, according to their sex, to face their fears. Learn about the most common fears of girls and boys. How are fears different according to the sex of the children?

Fears in children over 3 years old. What are children after three years afraid of? The psychologist Silvia Alava explains to us what parents can do to make children feel safe in the face of their fears.

How to act in the face of fear. Tips for responding to children's fears, depending on the type of fear and how old they are. Silvia Alava, child psychologist, helps us dismantle children's fears.

What not to do against fear. Tips to help children overcome fears. The psychologist Silvia Álava gives us some guidelines to teach children to manage their emotions of terror and fear.

When fear is good for children. Sometimes it is good to be afraid and some experts even say that fear also educates children. The psychologist Silvia Alava tells us why fear is sometimes preventive.

Monsters and child vampires. To what extent is it good to let our son see everything that they put on television about vampires and monsters? Can this create more fear and nightmares?

Fear of animals. We are increasingly urban and unless children have lived with an animal since childhood, overcoming the fear of dogs, for example, is a challenge for them. The psychologist Silvia Alava gives us clues to help overcome children's fear of animals.

Prevent children from being afraid. Tips to prevent children from feeling fear. The psychologist Silvia Alava explains to us what influences children to acquire their fears.

Keys to overcome fear. Fear is a normal feeling, especially among children. It is often linked to a lack of self-confidence. We explain how you can help your child overcome their fears.

How to face fears. From 18 months, children experience fears of different types. They will need the support, help, and security of their parents to face fears of ghosts, the dark, monsters and shadows.

Games for children with fear of monsters. The fear of monsters is a very common fear among children. It has to do with the great capacity they have to imagine. If that fear prevents you from sleeping, it already becomes a problem. We propose some games for your child to lose their fear of monsters.

The fear of the dark. One of the most common fears among young children is the fear of the dark. But like any fear, it can be overcome. We show you some tricks so that your child loses the fear of the dark and falls asleep peacefully.


1- Listen to your son. Let him express his emotions and feelings. Don't judge it.

2- Talk to your child about their fears. Tell him that you will fight them together.

3- Transmit confidence, security and tranquility to your child. Do not put obstacles or barriers so that he tells you his fears without shame, without feeling ridiculed. Always tell the truth.

4- Be understanding and tolerant of your child. When he is living in a scary situation, try to distract him with other things. Show him examples of other people who have overcome the fear he is going through.

5- Never forget to reward your child for overcoming a fear, no matter how small it may seem. Praise their effort, their courage, and their progress. Encourage him to build self-confidence.

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