Why do you get itchy belly and breasts during pregnancy?

Why do you get itchy belly and breasts during pregnancy?

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We always talk that pregnancy is healthHowever, throughout the 9 months that it usually lasts, many discomforts may appear, some more uncomfortable than others: nausea, joint discomfort, vomiting, spots etc ... But perhaps there is something that is much more uncomfortable for the pregnant woman: itching in the belly and breasts during pregnancy, which makes 20% of women consult the gynecologist or midwife for this reason.

It is known that the skin of the pregnant woman can stretch up to 10 times its size, and this together with an increase in vascularity and hormonal factors can cause the skin becomes very itchy and irritated.It is true that not all women are affected equally, since we can check the full spectrum of possibilities that exist: from zero discomfort, to a slight bearable itch to incredible discomfort or, even, that can affect nighttime sleep.

Also known as pruritus, this itchy gut or breasts It is derived for different reasons:

1. Estrogens
They are usually the main cause of itching in the belly or breasts during the first months of pregnancy.

2. Distension of the skin
As we said before, the skin can stretch a lot during pregnancy, and the parts of the body that grow the most in these months are the abdomen and breasts. That is why women often complain about these areas.

3. Dryness
If the skin is not well hydrated it will not respond well to stretching in the months of pregnancy. Remember that the skin must be hydrated inside and outThat is why it is essential that women drink every time they feel thirsty.

4. Cholestasis
It usually manifests itself in the third trimester and, unlike the previous causes, it is a pathology. Before intense itching in the gut and breasts, The obstetrician will send you some analysis to assess liver enzymes and that they are not too high, since if this were the case it would be a risk for the mother and the baby.

5. Dermatosis of pregnancy
Here we would include different pathologies or manifestations that occur in pregnant women related to the skin.

Gestational Herpes: It is autoimmune, and is characterized by an itch that exasperates the woman, and the lesion ends up turning into a blister. The most common location is near the navel.

Polymorphous eruption: it is more common in gilts and twins. The cause is the distention of the skin in pregnancy and, in addition to the abdomen and chest being affected, it is common to find injuries on the thighs and hips. There is a lot of itching and elongated and reddish marks.

Folliculitis: the cause is hormonal, and it's like acne. It can be itchy and rarely appears on the abdomen.

It is important to know that most of the reasons why we have itching in the belly or breasts during pregnancy they are benign; However, if you have any doubts, or if they do not calm down with anything, it is advisable that you go to your midwife or gynecologist, who if necessary will refer to the dermatologist to assess the need for treatment.

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