Bullying among 8-10 year olds

Bullying among 8-10 year olds

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Bullying in 8 and 10 year olds seems to have no brakes.10 percent of fifth and sixth grade students suffer psychological abuse. Greater parental involvement and self-esteem would reduce school violence.

Precisely, in this line, the doctor in Sociology and Social Work, José Miguel Gutiérrez, considers that a greater involvement of parents in the school life of their children and the promotion of self-esteem and teamwork by teachers it would significantly reduce school violence.

The insults, nicknames, intimidating messages via mobile or isolation and exclusion from the group they are the most common types of abuse in primary schools in the region. "If these behaviors are accepted in schools, it is easy for these children to go a step further and over time go from verbal abuse to physical abuse," says Gutiérrez. Therefore, it is very important intervene and correct these behaviors at the beginning when it is still a verbal abuse.

For them, he suggests in his thesis, that parents are informed of their children's behavior, participate more in school life and that teachers work more aspects such as cooperation and teamwork to counteract with a society in which performance and competition prevail.

"At these ages, it would be necessary to work on other types of more cooperative social skills and promote the personal self-esteem of each student to avoid violent behavior," concludes the professor from the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the University School of Education of Palencia.

Bullying is not a game or a joke. The The wounds carried by the harassed are, for the most part, psychological and can take years to heal. For this reason, it is very important to defend and be aware of the children's school life, and maintain a close and trustworthy communication with them.

The consequences of bullying are many. These are some:

- Low self-esteem
Children happen to have a damaged image of themselves.

- Depression
Children feel so bad that they withdraw from others and stop believing in anyone.

- Passivity
Children acquire a passive and apathetic attitude. They don't seem to care about anything or anyone.

- Emotional disturbances
Bullied children often have constant mood swings, as well as nightmares, night terrors, etc.

- School failure
Bullied children lose interest in studies and do not want to go to school.

- Phobias
Children become afraid of everything, of leaving the house, going to birthday parties, sleeping alone, etc.

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