Teach your child to defend himself from a cruel child

Teach your child to defend himself from a cruel child

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As a child grows he will find that not all the people around him are good people. There are people of all kinds, from good, altruistic or empathetic to cruel, ruthless and with serious emotional problems.

That is why your child must learn to differentiate the good from the bad people, because in this way he can remove from his life those who will not contribute anything (or rather only problems).

Although we parents would like to always be by the side of our children to be able to help them in everything that is necessary and guide them so that they do not make mistakes, this will not always be the case. As the children grow up they become more autonomous and begin to have their time, their world and their environment, even though you as a parent are part of their world, You will have to know how to defend yourself from other people.

But even if you are not in front of the problems that he may have, what you can do is teach yourself to defend yourself, for example from cruel children. But how to do it?

The first thing you will have to do is teach your child that in this world there will always be good people, but also bad people. There are people who will not like you and those people will not have to be in your life. But how to defend yourself from a cruel child?

1. You will not have to give importance to the comments of the cruel child, everything he says is a reflection of himself. A cruel child is cruel because someone is being cruel to him first.

2. It is important that if the cruel child intimidates you or behaves in an aggressive way with your child, you will have to seek help from an adult in order to resolve the conflict.

3. Don't teach your child to be just as cruel to others because you will only be able to teach him wrong values, it is better to understand from empathy to understand the behavior of others than to do the same.

4. Teach your child to treat others the way he wants to be treated, even the cruel child. A cruel child who is treated with kindness will not understand what is happening, in a way his cruelty is a wrong way to attract attention.

5. Tell him to always avoid the cruel child as much as possible, and always be accompanied.

6. Teach him to ignore harmful comments. Ignoring and walking away from the cruel child is the bravest act you can do.

And of course, do not hesitate to congratulate your child every time he tells you and tells you what is happening in his life.

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