Why we must defend the Rights of the Child

The November 20 the Universal Day of the Rights of the Child is celebrated or, simply, Children's Day. Not everyone knows this date, not even many know that it exists, so very few will remember that 21 years ago, that same day, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Recognizing the fact that all children, regardless of their race, religion, social class, the country where they live, etc., have rights, makes us see the child as an integral being, with basic needs to be able to live. Rights are their protective shield and therefore should defend them from injustice, abuse, mistreatment, hunger, abandonment ... in different circumstances.

It is very common that we see in the press, newspapers and television, images of children in very underdeveloped countries who have to get water from any ditch, eat what they can, sleep under a bridge, having to work, instead of going to the school, play with friends and with dolls, strollers ...

It is very difficult to explain and make our children understand how lucky they are to have been born in a place and to have a family that cares for them, protects them, and provides them with everything they need so that they live a happy childhood and doing ' things of children 'and not' of adults'.

We have all heard the typical phrase let him be just a child! Yes, he's just a boy and, precisely for this reason, it is necessary to take care of him, pamper him and protect him in a way that is different from that of adults, regardless of the country, regardless of his race or religion. Children are innocent beings who are not mature enough to decide or know what their legal rights are, much less resort to them at certain times.

Talk to your child about his rights and teach him that he too has to respect the rights of his friends, cousins, siblings or classmates. From a very young age, it is necessary to explain to children that all boys and girls like them have the right to have a name and a nationality, to have a family that takes care of them, pampers them and provides them with all the affection they need, to eat, to be able to go to the pediatrician when they are ill or to go to school and receive an education and know a culture.

It is very important that children know these Rights but also that they know the reality that we cannot turn our backs on. They are fathers, mothers, educators, and any adult around them, who are in charge of explaining to children that they all have a series of Rights that we must respect without excuses and why it is so important that they respect each other.

Children, whatever the country they are from, have the right to adequate food, to have a house with the necessary hygiene and cleanliness conditions, to adequate health care, and to play and have fun instead of working, what are they for? !

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