8 situations that violate children's rights

8 situations that violate children's rights

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The data of bullying or cyberbullying among children is alarming around the world. In an interview with, the spokesperson for Save the children, Eulalia Tort, reveals that 1 in 10 Spanish children, for example, is a victim of bullying outside and inside school. Violence, as well as the lack of education, protection, food, health ... are the great problems that violate the Rights of children, worldwide.

I wonder how it is possible that after more than 50 years of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the cases of violence, inequalities, abuse of power over children continue to increase, repeatedly.

There is still no law that protects children from any type of violence. Children continue to suffer violence inside and outside the home. According to Eulalia Tort, there are many situations that violate the Rights of children:

1. Abuse and physical punishment
A spanking or any other physical punishment does not educate. There should be laws that protect children from violence and abuse, both at home and at school.

2. Domestic violence
Children who are the children of women who are victims of domestic violence are also considered victims. Not only are women abused but also children. Children exposed to situations of violence will have emotional and behavioral problems.

3. School harassment or bullying
Children who are bullied should be supported and not repressed. In cases of bullying or bullying, in general, it is the bullied children who have to change schools, while their attackers are still in school. School violence should not be tolerable. Children should know and learn defense mechanisms, complaint to defend themselves and their peers.

4. Refugee family
The right to protection, health and food. Refugee children, fleeing the war. 1 in 3 refugees is a boy or a girl. They are children who start walking aimlessly, fleeing poverty, hunger and who are practically alone, sick, without medical assistance of any order.

5. Child marriage
Child marriage, in most cases consented to by the girls' parents for economic reasons, violates human rights.

It is undoubtedly the most generalized form of sexual abuse and exploitation of girls who have to face alone, negative consequences such as separation from family and friends, lack of freedom to relate to peers and participate in activities community, and reduced opportunities to receive an education.

Child marriage leads girls to perform forced labor, slavery, prostitution and violence against the victims. Unable to avoid sexual intercourse or insist on condom use, girls are exposed to serious health risks, including premature pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and, increasingly, HIV / AIDS.

6. Premature or early pregnancy
The risks of pregnancies before the age of majority can generate complications, especially in deliveries with a very high risk of death of the mothers. In addition, babies of very young mothers have a 50 percent greater chance of prenatal death.

7. Gender inequality
The gender issue affects girls more. Being a girl, many times, implies that you are going to have a more complicated future.

8. Child labor
Inequality in the educational system. There are children who are forced to work no matter how old they are. They are denied study. School should be for all boys and girls.

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