Getting pregnant is contagious among friends

Getting pregnant is contagious among friends

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Surely it has happened to you too: you become pregnant (or someone very close to your family) and, suddenly, everyone around you seems to have decided to have a child.

It is possible that now, that you embark on the adventure of pregnancy, you pay more attention to the bellies of the women who pass by you on the street, but the truth is that it seems that getting pregnant is 'contagious', true?

We know that pregnancy is not a disease and, therefore, it is not transmitted through the air, neither by drinking from the same glass, nor by sitting on the toilets of public bathrooms. However, it is very common that when a woman becomes pregnant, the rest of the members of her group of friends do not take long to do it.

It is true that there are many factors that participate in this circumstance: your friends are usually about the same age and, therefore, the so-called biological clock begins to tick at the same time; When you see a baby you want to have your own, it is difficult to resist so many tender photos of babies that your friends share on the networks ... Once again, we realize that lfriends take part in decisions most important of our life.

There are different studies that have analyzed this phenomenon that never ceases to amaze us. An investigation published in the journal of the American Sociological Association concluded that friendships, more specifically the high school friends, they influence us a lot when deciding when to have a child.

According to their authors, shortly after one of them has become pregnant, the chances that the rest of their circle will conceive increase considerably, reaching their highest point two years later. From that moment on, the influence of a friend's pregnancy ceases to have an 'effect' ... until the next one becomes pregnant.

Among the reasons for this behavior is our need to compare us always with those around us and being part of a group, the pressure that everyone have children except you and the desire to share such a beautiful moment with your best friends.

However, other studies have shown that this 'contagion' goes beyond friends, since it also occurs between co-workers. Research carried out at the German University of Bamberg found that one year after one of the employees became pregnant, the number of bellies in the office increased markedly.

These data show that these types of decisions are not made only taking into account personal circumstances, but that we allow ourselves to be influenced by the social environment that surrounds us. And it is that we have more desire to be mothers when the women around us become pregnant.

Having a baby is a very important decision that must be considered, no matter how much we are tempted to follow the example of our pregnant friends. It would be very selfish to decide have a child because your friend has without first making sure that you are prepared for it. And it is that in this life there is an ideal moment for almost everything. Before you get pregnant, these are some of the questions you have to ask yourself.

1. Do I really want to be a mother? And my partner? Are we ready to have a baby?

2. Do we have the economic capacity to face the arrival of a baby at home?

3. Can my body cope with pregnancy? Am I willing to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.?

4. Is the house ready for a child? Will it be necessary to make changes? Can I assume these changes?

5. Am I aware of how my life is going to change? Am I ready to take on this responsibility?

6. Am I willing to give everything for the baby that will come into my life?

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