An incredible journey. Christmas story

An incredible journey. Christmas story

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Spending the Christmas holidays with friends or family is much better. That's what this beautiful story about the mouse Carlos is about, who, a few days before the arrival of Christmas, receives a surprise visit from his old friend Michel. Together, they undertake a 'An incredible journey'which they will never forget.

A short story with a moral to rescue values ​​as important at Christmas as friendship. Read this story to your child and then talk to him about what really matters this holiday season.

This is the story of Carlos, a mouse who lived at the top of a hill. He worked day and night to clean the dust off a boot that his friend Michel had given him years before.

It was already customary for him to spend Christmas in that boot, and since Christmas was only a few days away, he heard a knock on his door.

It was his friend, old man Michel, who came from town to invite him to spend the Christmas holidays with him and his family because he thought that his friend up there was going to feel very lonely.

Michel arrived extremely tired and Carlos invited him to sit down and rest.

It normally took nine days to walk up from the town to the top of the hill, but Michel, due to the slippery nature of the grass, had taken twice as long.

There were only three days until Christmas and Michel was very sad because he knew that he would not have time to go down the hill again with Carlos and celebrate the holidays as a family.

Carlos, worried about his friend, was thinking about how he could help his friend a lot. Finally Carlos the mouse planned an incredible trip!

They both got on Carlos' sled and glided down the slope. The speed was tremendous and the snowballs hit their faces. They took so much speed that they both closed their eyes, and suddenly, they had reached the foot of the hill.

And that's how, with good will and friendship, Carlos and Michel celebrated Christmas together. Carlos with his boot and Michel with his family.


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