Magical chaos. Christmas story for children about the Christmas spirit

Magical chaos. Christmas story for children about the Christmas spirit

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A few days before the arrival of Christmas, Santa Claus and his entire team of magical beings have to work very hard to prepare all the Christmas gifts for all the children in the world. But what happens when they are very tired and have a hard time working? They need an injection of Christmas spirit!

East Christmas story for children talks about the truly important feelings and emotions around the holidays. If you want to make your child reflect on Christmas values ​​(which go far beyond the number of gifts they receive), you have to read this childish story in family.

It was only a week before Christmas night and there was still a lot of work to do. In the Fantasy World letters with requests for Santa Claus continued to be received. They were all doing their best, but the calendar marked December 25 in red and the nerves made us think that they would not arrive on time with all the gifts packed.

Mama Claus lived on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Hundreds of letters passed through his hands an hour; letters that she had to distribute among goblins, dwarves, fairies, gnomes and elves so that they would find the requested gift in the magic warehouse. Later this would be included in the magic sack with which Santa Claus would soar through the sky mounted on the sleigh that Rudolf the reindeer had to drive.

They were all exhausted, they barely had the strength. The entire Fantasy World was full of colored cellophane, boxes of different sizes, shiny ribbons, glitter ... chaos reigned! Fairies could barely hover as they had not slept for days, even weeks. The dwarves did not remember such hard work, not even when in the stories they had to work in the mine. Everyone began to think that children no longer knew how to imagine, because each year they asked for more gifts.

Santa Claus knew that he could not disappoint the smallest of the houses. So he came up with a great idea. He gathered all the inhabitants of Fantasy World in the Great Plaza of Dreams. Made them look up at the sky and projected onto the clouds the faces of all the children in the world while listening to the laughter of these.

Instantly the forces returned to the goblins, dwarves, fairies, gnomes and elves who quickly went to work. Everyone had understood why they worked so hard. And is that, the illusion of a child is what keeps the Fantasy World alive, he owes his existence to her. They realized why you always have to pay attention to the little things, because it is the simplest gestures that are most exciting. Therein lies the magic! That's the real Christmas spirit! If children stop imagining and dreaming, the fantasy will disappear. If all the children always keep the illusion, Santa Claus will attend his Christmas date.

Ho Ho Ho!

Once you finish reading the story, ask your child these questions to know if you have understood the true message behind the story. Starting with the story, you can ask him about his opinion of the story and, in this way, reflect with him.

1. Why is there so much chaos in the Fantasy World?

2. Why are Santa's elves and other friends so tired?

3. What makes you regain all your strength?

4. For you, what is the most important thing about Christmas?

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