Suitable soaps for children with atopic dermatitis

Suitable soaps for children with atopic dermatitis

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Dermatitis in children is an increasingly common problem. Our immune system has weakened in recent years due to high pollution, excessive sun, an increasingly less natural diet and soaps and creams with totally unnecessary chemical additives for the skin.

On our site we tell you what soaps can we use if our children have atopic dermatitis to prevent your skin from suffering.

The symptoms of dermatitis are sensitive skin, red and itchy, excessively dry, rough, and even eczema. For the child it can be a real torture, since he cannot control the itching, leading to wounds that can lead to a skin infection.

Children are the most affected in this sense, since in many cases it is a genetic component, that is, inherited, especially in families where some of its components suffer from allergies, asthmatic bronchitis or allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.

In addition, there are other external factors such as sudden changes in temperature, sweat, excessive heat, environmental dryness or the soaps that we usually use, both for clothing and for the body, that worsen the symptoms.

There are several guidelines that we can follow to improve this situation, how to wear cotton garments without synthetic fibers or wool or not overcoat them, although it tends to remit on its own upon reaching puberty.

As the main cause of dermatitis is excessive dryness of the skin, it is convenient to keep the child hydrated, both inside and outside, that is, to drink a lot of water, natural juices without salt or sugar, salads and vegetables, but above all skin care should be monitored in everything related to soaps and baths.

In the herbalists and pharmacies they will offer us many different brands, but really any soap that contains these indications will be worth it.

1- The first thing to know is that delicate skin should be washed as little as possible. Soaking in the water dries the skin, therefore it is recommended to shower instead of bathDo not use sponges, but use your hand, use warm water, never hot, and do not shower every day.

2- Always neutral soaps. Soaps do not usually respect the pH of the skin. Our pH should be between 5.5 and 7, which is called a neutral pH, and most soaps have an alkaline pH, which eventually breaks the skin's natural protective barrier.

3- It is best to use a soap without soap. There are cleaning solutions that do not contain soap, these are the best for this type of skin, although they are expensive. If you can not use a glycerin soap or as handmade as possible. Intimate soaps are also indicated.

4- No perfumes, dyes, or chemicals in the soap. Although some parents recommend Lagarto soap, the truth is that it has a pH of more than 13 which is highly alkaline and, although at first it may seem that it works well, in the long run it tends to be harmful to the skin.

5- Washing clothes with soaps for sensitive skin, and give it a double rinse so that no softener residue remains.

6- Bathing in the sea it is the best way for the skin to regain its natural protection.

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