7 key tips for teaching children to be happy at school

7 key tips for teaching children to be happy at school

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Immersed in the routine of school, work, homework and homework, it is possible to fall into monotony and find some boys and girls who, for different reasons, are not comfortable in their school. It is important to be very attentive, from home and from school, to the discomfort that going to school can generate. The indicators can give us great clues about what may be happening.

Our role as parents is teach children to be happy at school, to enjoy learning and to have a positive attitude towards their daily routines. And the example can be a very valuable tool.

In the fortunate case of having ruled out a bullying situation, it is necessary to know and understand what may be happening to the boy or girl. That reluctance and apathy when going to school can be caused, for example, by boredom, by not liking their class or their teacher, by not having fun in the playgrounds and recess ... And this can lead to an emotional state that prevents them from continuing in an optimal and healthy way their educational process, and therefore, be plunged into a deep sadness from which it would later be more difficult to get out.

As the main references of our sons and daughters, we can show them how we do to be happy in our work:

1. If my attitude towards the start of the week, no matter how hard, is a positive attitude And so I verbalize it, I am satisfied or satisfied by all the learning that awaits me and also I appreciate the new experiences that are offered to me, my daughter or my son will see it and that is what they will learn. While keeping in mind that, of course, tiredness or laziness are legitimate.

2. Offer challenges for each day, since every day is a new opportunity. Raise your hand in a class in which you do not dare, play with a new classmate, thank the food they prepare ...

3. Sign up for the vital breakfast, as many teachers call it. This consists of leaving a positive and motivating message on the bag for his mid-morning meal. You will be surprised and happy to see it.

4. If I show my son or daughter how I take care of the people around me, how I talk about my boss and my colleagues, etc. he will end up learning it. If I speak ill of my boss, I cannot expect him or her to speak respectfully towards their teacher, for example.

5. If I am irascible each and every Monday, that is what my daughters and sons will see in me, and they will understand what is usual and what is good. This does not mean that, on occasion, if possible the least, I show irascible before starting my work day. Also how to manage that little motivation to start the week, it will be a teaching for them.

6. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that we should not worry so much about what we say to our children, but about what we do, since they constantly observe us. Our children will do what we, mothers and fathers, do. My attitude towards my work will be a source of inspiration for them.

7. When it comes to chatting with my daughter or my son about how the day at school was, it is better to do it with closed questions, let's avoid universal questions that, in general, will give us a universal answer; to the question 'How was the day at school?' the answer will be 'Good mommy'.

We recommend that you ask, for example, what three situations did you like most of the day and what three least. That will allow it to really be a conscious conversation, and our son will realize everything that interests me, both him and his life at school. In the same way I can tell you about my day.

IMPORTANT: Family-school communication is essential, let's not forget that the goal is common: the happiness of boys and girls.

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