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Pregnancy dictionary

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If you are pregnant and you have doubts about the meaning of some words related to pregnancy, from we want to help you. For this we have developed a dictionary of terms so you can consult those words that you do not understand.

Check our pregnancy dictionary and you will be able to know what each disease, symptoms, tests or tests, care ... and everything related to your pregnancy means.

Click on the letter that begins the term you have questions about and find all the information you need. A great way to live your pregnancy in a calm and confident way is to have information about the development and evolution of your pregnancy.

Why did the doctor ask me for the Amniocentesis test? What is folic acid? What is a mucous plug? and toxoplasmosis, what is it about? During the 9 months of pregnancy, although the woman grows naturally in her learning about pregnancy, she always has doubts, questions and curiosities about a topic that her doctor or a friend has commented to her.

Thus, has developed this pregnancy dictionary that brings endless words and terms with their respective definitions and meanings, explained in a simple, clear and rigorous way. In this way, the pregnant woman can not only feel safer but also better informed, because even if we think we know everything, there is much to learn and increase vocabulary about pregnancy.

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