Short play to celebrate Book Day with children

Short play to celebrate Book Day with children

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Representing plays is an activity that the little ones like. It is also ideal to do as a family or to use as a resource at school. And it is that scripts for short plays like the one we propose here make boys and girls let their imaginations fly while they are taught a lesson. In this case we are going to see the value of the reading. Do you want to read the script of the play 'A blank story'? It's a cool representation for celebrate Book Day with children in style.

This play is intended for do with children in the last years of primary school. It is intended to show students the importance of reading and all the good things that it brings them. Ladies and gentlemen, take a seat, the show is about to begin. Don't forget to clap at the end of the play!

Work description: On any given day in primary school, the teacher proposes an activity to the students to celebrate Book Day, bringing their favorite story to share with the rest of the class. Leo is the first to raise his hand, so he is the one chosen to bring the story he likes the most to school. The surprise comes when the children discover that the book has gone blank, all the letters and all the pictures have disappeared. Have you ever heard of blank page evil?

So far we reveal you, you will have to keep reading to know the end of this entertaining short play to do with a child who talks about books and the important place that they should be given.

Characters: Eva (the teacher), Lola, Violeta, Alejandro and Leo. This play is designed for a few characters, but can always be adapted to include as many actors as you like. Children will have a great time playing role-play!

Place of action in which the work takes place: a school.

Necessary material for the staging: a story, some blank pages and really wanting to have fun.

The curtain rises. The children (Lola, Violeta, Alejandro and Leo) are seen in language class and teacher Eva is in front of them.

Eve: (addressing the children sitting at the desks). To celebrate Book Day we are going to do a very special activity.

The students look surprised.

Eve: One of you is going to bring a story to class tomorrow, but not just any story, but the one that is your favorite and you are going to share it with the rest of the class. What do you think of the idea?

Students: (they respond at the same time) Great! What a good idea!

Eve: Who of you is going to bring the book?

Leo: (Raises his hand first) I'll bring it. My favorite book is called "The Lion Who Couldn't Hide", although I haven't read it in a long time, I've always loved it.

Eve: Great. Leo will then be in charge of bringing the book to class to share with all of us.

The recess bell rings. The students and the teacher leave the scene. The curtain closes.

The story is needed for this scene. The curtain rises. The children are seen in class again. They are standing to one side of the desks.

Leo: Look, I have brought my favorite story as the teacher said. Do you want to see it?

Violet: I do. (He takes the book and looks over it, then passes it to Lola)

Lola: (looks at the book carefully) It looks very nice, but now I don't feel like reading. (He gives the story to Alejandro who is right next to him)

Alexander: (takes the story from his friend but immediately puts it on the table) It's time to go eat. Today there are lentils, I'm hungry ... (He puts his hand to his belly)

All the friends leave the scene to go to the dining room. The book remains on the table where Alejandro left it. The curtain closes.

To make this scene, the book has to be exchanged for the blank pages that were prepared.

The curtain rises. Children enter the scene back from the dining room.

Leo: Thats weird! (takes the blank pages). I don't remember my story having a blank cover ...

Lola: (takes the pages with an astonished face). Not only is the cover blank, the entire story has been erased. There is not a single drawing, not a single letter.

Alexander: (is next to his friends) How is it possible?

Violet: It does not make any sense...

Enter the teacher

Eve: What's up guys? What's all the fuss about?

Violet: (speaks in a puzzled voice) You will not believe what happened. We have left the story of Leo on this table, we have gone to eat and when we have returned we have seen that it has been completely erased!

Eve: (looks at the students with a kind face) I'm going to tell you something that I think you don't know. Books, like children and adults, also get bad. Leo's story has the evil of white sheets, that is why everything has been erased and it has become a blank story. Can you think of something to help him?

Everyone: (with a thoughtful face) No, we have no idea what we can do to get the book back and the letters and colors to return.

Leo keeps his story in his backpack.

The curtain closes.

For this scene you have to change the blank pages again for the story of Leo.

The curtain rises. The protagonists are seen within the class.

Lola: Maybe if we give it syrup ...

Violet: That won't be worth anything, the books don't take syrup.

Alexander: What if we draw it? We just have to rewrite history. (Looks at Leo) Leo, what was your book about?

Leo: It is a very beautiful book that tells the story of a lion who went for a walk in the city. And since people were scared when they saw him, he had to hide in the house of a girl who was not afraid of lions.

He opens his backpack and takes out the book.

Leo: Behold! The pages are fine again. (Turn the pages and read the story aloud) (This time is ideal for the children to read the story they had prepared).

Alexander: I think the only thing that the story needed to stop being blank is for a child to remember his story.

Everyone: It is true!

The children are seen happy with the book in their hands.

The curtain closes. End of the work.

Books are alive if we read them!

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