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14 tender names for girls popular in Argentina with its diminutive

The Latin flavor also reaches the most distant regions of South America, such as Argentina, where the old world and the new world come together to create a nation rich in culture. With this same freshness, it reaches us the most popular names for girls in Argentina. We accompany all of them with their meaning, their origin and their diminutive, since it is very likely that you will end up calling your baby by this affectionate nickname.

Whether you are from Argentina or want to give your daughter an Argentine touch, choose one of these popular names in these lands. We have grouped them into the following categories so you can choose the name that you like the most.

  • The names for girls that are most popular in Argentina
  • Ideas of original Argentine names for your baby
  • Meaning and origin of these religiously inspired names
  • Names with their diminutives inspired by flowers

The names for girls that are most popular in Argentina

1. Alma: (Almita)
Unlike referring to the soul that all people possess, according to its Latin etymological origin, this name means ‘She with a warm heart’, for women who had great balance in their lives. Definitely a delicate but very strong name for a girl.

2. Sofia: (Sofi / Sof)
This name has its origin in the Greek Sophos, which means wisdom, so it refers to those women endowed with knowledge, balance and tranquility. A very popular name, the meaning of which can be reflected in such girls.

3. Laura: (Lau)
A very beautiful and ethereal name in many parts of the world, but especially in Argentina. Its origin comes from the Latin Laurus which refers to Victoria, so we can say that her name means "The one who bears the victory." It is also said to come from the Slavic Lavra which means 'Monastery'.

4. Martina: (Martu / Tina)
It is one of the most distinguished names in Argentina for girls, even much more than in other Latin American countries. Its origin is Latin and is the feminine variant of Martín, which is why it also means "Those consecrated to Mars", indicating it for women who were fierce.

Ideas of original Argentine names for your baby

5. Macarena: (Maca)
Name widely used in these southern regions, although it can also be heard throughout the Latin American territory. It has two origins, one from the Greek makarios which means 'Who has happiness and happiness', and the other Andalusian, from the Arch of Macarena, which had the Arabic name of Bab-al-Makrin.

6. Stela: (Esteli / Estelita / Tela)
It is a Latin proper name that means ‘Morning Star’, it also derives from the medieval Italian name Stella, which has the same meaning. Without a doubt, a beautiful name for girls that anyone will love.

7. Brenda: (Bren / Brendi)
Although it is a name that we usually hear in the United States, it is also a very popular name for girls in Argentina. Its origin comes from the German Brand which means ‘Sword’ and is a proper name for a woman, referring to ‘That strong as a sword’.

Meaning and origin of these religiously inspired names

8. Micaela: (Mica / Miki / Ela)
A very well-known name among the women of Argentina and that has several variants in the rest of the world such as: Michaella, Mikaela or Michelle. Its origin is from the Hebrew masculine Mika - El and it means 'God is just' or 'Who is like God'. His saints are June 15.

9. Mine: (Mine)
One of the most popular names in the region of Argentina and although it is short it is full of meaning, since it is a diminutive variant of the Hebrew Miriam or María, so it also refers to the 'Chosen by God', It is also a diminutive common for Amelia's name.

10. Solitude: (Sun)
Its origin comes from the Latin Solus or Solitarius, which refers to 'People who prefer to be alone'. However, history places this name in the spotlight with the popularity of the images in Holy Week of the Invocation of Our Lady of Solitude.

11. Dolores: (Lola / Lolita)
This very popular name for girls in Argentina, is originally from Spain and means ‘She who suffers’, making a direct reference to the state of the Virgin Mary at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Names with their diminutives inspired by flowers

12. Magali: (Maga / Magui / Magalucha)
Another very popular and beautiful name for girls in Argentina, whose origin is quite diverse, since there are those who affirm that it comes from Greek or French, although both say that it derives from a reference to the ‘Daisy flowers’. There is even an origin from the Hindu which means 'Pearl' and from the Persian which means 'Daughter of light'.

13. Violet: (Vi / Vio / Violi)
This name is of the Latin origin Viola and means ‘She who is modest’, although it also has an English origin Violet, due to the color tone of, precisely the ‘Violet flowers’. Which made it popular to name girls after flowers to compare them to the beauty of flowers.

14. Amaranta: (Ami / Ama / Amara)
This beautiful name for girls, gives that original touch that many seek for a name. Its origin is Greek, precisely from the ‘Amaratós flower’ and it was a very predominant name in this culture. It means 'The one that does not decay' or 'The one that does not wither', alluding to the rebirth of spring each year.

Did you find any inspiration from Argentina to choose a name for your girl?

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