Taking infusions during breastfeeding is dangerous for the baby and the mother

Taking infusions during breastfeeding is dangerous for the baby and the mother

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Even though the World Health Organization recognizes the use of medicinal herbs and these have been used since ancient times, it is necessary to learn about their safety, efficacy, properties, rational use and contraindications during the time that the mother is breastfeeding, since that its consumption as a daily practice can be dangerous not only to the woman but also to the baby. Find out why you should have Be careful with taking infusions during breastfeeding.

Some aromatic plants have components capable of passing to the baby through breast milk, which can modify its taste, generating rejection in the baby, discomfort such as diarrhea and gas and, even, producing toxic effects on your body, since it is not yet able to correctly process and remove some substances. They can also have hormonal effects on the mother and decrease her milk production.

Another important fact to take into consideration is the possible interaction of the components of the herbs with pharmacological treatments such as anticoagulants or antihypertensives, drugs used for hormonal disorders or the central nervous system, among others. So a valuable recommendation is to educate yourself and avoid unnecessary risks.

Of the same plant, there may be different varieties, of the same appearance, but with different components and in unequal concentrations in their roots, stems, leaves and flowers, having detected poisoning by confusion of one plant with another or contagion of fungi and bacteria when using plants from contaminated soils and even poisonings.

There is a general perception that "natural" is harmless, that is, it does not produce side effects, which is completely false. Although it is true that the basis of the medicines are plants, they contain only one active principle and in scientifically proven amounts, unlike wanting to take it directly from the plant, where it is found combined with all its components, in amounts that are difficult to determine to the naked eye and in ignorance of the side effects of such combinations.

Therefore, before taking an infusion while you are breastfeeding, We must inform ourselves, with specialized sources (a reliable one that I recommend is e-lactation), since scientific studies, in addition to discovering the therapeutic applications of medicinal plants, also determine their safety parameters, and have not yet been studied in their all the side effects of infusions on breast milk and baby.

Many moms receive recommendations and decide to use some herbs in infusions or decoctions to deal with some situations that occur during breastfeeding, such as breast inflammation or low milk production.

The topical use on the chest of some low-risk herbs (in general, those commonly used in the kitchen) is not contraindicated, moderately and in low concentrations, as long as it is applied after feeding and the breast is very well washed before the next.

As for increasing the amount of milk, definitely, breastfeeding on demand is the best method to stimulate milk production in the mammary glands. So, breastfeeding your baby when required, ensuring proper technique to ensure good suction, is enough for your breasts to produce milk in quantity and quality necessary for your baby.

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