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Valentina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Valentina

Valentina ... my sweet, Valentina! This name is perfect for a baby as cute as the one you bring on the way. Haven't you chosen the name you will give it yet? In this case, we recommend that you add to your list of possible the name for girl Valentina.

In We will tell you everything related to its origin and meaning, as well as some curiosities about this name. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to choose a name. How beautiful the name of Valentina!

Each name has its own story ... Some are more beautiful, others are more normal ... However, the story behind the girl's name Valentina is beautiful and romantic. And it is that when we think of this beautiful name, we cannot help but think of love, hearts and arrows that seek two lovers to intertwine them forever. As you well know, Valentine's Day is the patron saint of lovers and on its day we all remember the people we love the most.

It is because of this beautiful story and how good it sounds that many parents choose this name to call their little ones. In fact, it is an option that parents like more and more, so more and more girls are called that. I do not know if you will agree with me that, although Valentina is a traditional name (and there are still grandmothers who are called that), it is also a name covered with modernity. And, in neither case, is it a name that sounds worn or too widespread, right?

If you are thinking of calling your little girl Valentina, you will surely like to know where this name comes from. It's about a female name of Latin origin It has been used for centuries, although its popularity has varied according to the moment.

Its meaning does nothing more than add points to the name, since this name comes from valens or valentius. Know that means? Effectively, refers to bravery. However, its meaning is also related to the one who is a leader or a sociable person. On the other hand, some experts point out that this name would come from the Valentines family.

When talking about Valentina's saints, we are talking about one of the most celebrated saints on the calendar: Saint Valentine. As we have already anticipated, Saint Valentine brings love and happiness to the saints, since it is the patron saint of lovers. And when is your day celebrated? The 14th of February!

On this day (and the days before), stores are filled with stuffed animals and chocolates that lovers give each other as a sign of love. And, although many maintain that this party has become a great commercial celebration, the truth is that always, any day of the year, you have to celebrate love.

Many Valentines join the celebration on February 14, but others prefer to celebrate their birthday on July 25. This is the day dedicated to Saint Valentina, a martyr revered for her great courage in defending Christianity.

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Can you think of celebrities or popular historical figures who have been called Valentina? It may be that many celebrities do not come to mind at first, and it is that sometimes due to the fact that they were women they do not talk about them as they deserve, however there are and were different women named Valentina who stood out in one way or another. These are some of them.

  • Valentina Ramírez, Mexican guerrilla (1893)
  • Valentina Tereshkova, cosmonaut and first woman to set foot in space (1937)
  • Valentina Tolkunova, Russian singer (1946)
  • Valentina Vargas, Chilean actress (1964)
  • Valentina Yegórova, Russian athlete (1964)
  • Valentina Lisitsa, Ukrainian pianist (1973)
  • Valentina Carro, Spanish poet and designer (1984)
  • Valentina Lefort, Chilean footballer (1988)

One of the celebrities who has succumbed to the beauty of Valentina's name is actress Salma Hayek. And this is the name he chose for his little girl (who is not so little anymore, by the way).

Valentina is quite a long name, with many letters and syllables, therefore it can be a bit awkward and heavy to pronounce when we are in a hurry (or when we are scolding). For this reason, many diminutives have emerged that are used in different countries of the world.

Among the most common: Vale, Val, Valen, Tina, Tin, Lentina, Ina, Nina, Vali, Titina, Valon ...

Some of these diminutives are also used for girl names like Valeria, so there are those who confuse it. In fact, there are experts who assure that this is a variant of Valentina, just like Valenteana or Valeriana.

It is true that Valentina is not a name as given to being composed as others such as María or Ana can be. However, you just have to use a little imagination to find ideas of compound names with Valentina. We propose some options and we will tell you the meaning of the middle name.

  • Valentina Sofía. Sofia is a name of Greek origin that refers to wisdom.
  • Valentina Carla. Name of German origin that means 'strong and courageous woman'.
  • Valentina Lucia. Lucia is a Latin name that comes from 'light'.
  • Clara Valentina. Clara is also a Latin name that means 'clean'.
  • Ada Valentina. Hebrew name meaning 'beauty'.
  • Zoe Valentina. Zoe comes from the Greek 'life'.
  • Emma Valentina. Emma is a German name that means 'strength'.

According to numerology, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number. If we add all the figures, we get a number that gives clues about his way of understanding life and his personality. In the case of Valentina's name, corresponds to the number 8.

The babies of this number 8 are a bit mischievous and moved. They always have some mischief in mind, some new game or a new friend to play with. And they are very sociable and friendly children with whom it is not difficult to forge a loyal friendship.

However, number 8 babies have a hard time managing frustration and anger. They are very prone to having tantrums and when something doesn't go as they expect it to, there is no one who will make them change their minds.

Have you been wanting to know even more about the name Valentina? Here we collect some curiosities that you may not know.

- Valentina in film and television
There are several television and film characters that have been called Valentina. An example of them is the girl from Los Chiripitifláuticos (a children's program on Spanish television).

- The Valentina sauce
Did you know that in Mexico there is a sauce called Valentina? It is a spicy sauce that only the bravest dare to try.

- A story starring Valentina Tereshkova
All the girls named after Valentina will be very excited to read this story. In the first place, because the protagonist is named after her. And, also, because it tells the beautiful story of the first woman to set foot in space.

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