Short play to celebrate the end of the course with the children

Short play to celebrate the end of the course with the children

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The plays are excellent to let the imagination fly and to help lose shyness, especially if it is the children themselves who assume the important role of the actors. In addition, children's plays they become a great resource to use at school or even at home when family visits. In We propose the script of a children's representation to do with primary school students and at the same time celebrate the end of the course because, as its title says: 'The end of year party is coming.'

The script of this play is designed to be done with children of all primary grades, so that they put aside the shyness of these ages, share with others what they do best and, above all and more important, have a great time.

Description of the play: the end of the course is approaching, it can already be seen in the atmosphere. The heat begins to show itself, the children are somewhat nervous and the textbooks are almost there, they are almost finished. So it is time to start thinking about the end of year party. This is what the children were talking about when the teacher proposes to have a talent party, everyone is especially excited, everyone except Nicolás, the shyest boy in the whole class ... Do you want to know how this fun play ends ? Keep reading!

Characters: Sindy in the role of teacher, Sara, Carmen, Elisa, Alfredo and Nicolás. You can adapt this play so that the more children the better. Fun and laughter are guaranteed!

Place of action in which the work takes place: a school.

Necessary material for the staging: a story, a flute (or any other instrument), a radio, some skates (or maybe a ball) and a desire to enjoy the performance.

The curtain rises. The children are sitting in the class, the teacher is in front of them.

Sindy: Guys, I am very proud of you, you have worked hard throughout the course. Like last year, you have to organize the end-of-year party, this time I came up with the idea of ​​putting on a talent show.

Everyone: (with a surprised face) And what is that?

Sindy: (He continues speaking to his students) Well, each one of them goes on stage to do what they do best. The other classmates and parents will be the audience. Do not worry, so that nobody gets nervous we will rehearse several days before.

Everyone: (happy and happy) What fun!

Nicholas: (who has a worried face) I don't like the idea. I don't know how to do anything.

Sara: (He stands by his side and listens to him) But if you're super good at telling jokes, when it's your turn tell one and you'll see how everyone laughs.

Nicholas: It embarrasses me!

Sindy: (interrupts the murmurs of the class) Guys, listen: We have to prepare everything so that we have time. It is time to go out for recess, when you return, we will write down on a piece of paper what each one has chosen to do in the talent show.

Bell rings. The children get up from the table to go to the playground to play. The curtain closes.

The bell rings, this time to indicate that recess is over. The curtain rises. The children are back in class with Professor Sindy.

Sindy: Okay, guys, can we start writing on the board what each of you is going to do on the day of the end-of-term party? Tomorrow morning we can do the first rehearsal, so you will have time to prepare the material you need. I'm looking forward to seeing all the talent you have!

Sara: (She is the first to raise her hand) I'm great at playing the flute, so that's what I'll do, I'm going to perform a nice song.

Sindy: Great! (He writes it down on the board).

Carmen: Well, I really like to read stories and I have thought to read the one I like the most out loud.

Elisa: I'm going to put music in the background and I'm going to dance.

Alfred: (raises his hand to speak) I have learned to skate and I am very happy because at first I was very scared. I ask myself to bring the skates and show everyone how good I am now.

Sindy: (writes everything on the board) I think these are excellent ideas, I already knew that this class was full of talent. I think we can only point out what Nicolás is going to do.

Nicholas: Well, I'm good at telling jokes, but quietly, not on stage, I am ashamed!

Sindy: Don't worry, it's about having fun, you'll see that we find a solution. Tomorrow we continue, it's time to go home.

Bell rings. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The kids are in the gym ready to start rehearsal for the talent show.

Sindy: (with a happy face) Time to start! Who wants to be the first?

Sara: (runs to the stage) I want to be the first!

Sindy: Go ahead, Sara!

Sara: (picks up his flute eagerly and plays a song) Did you like it?

Everyone: Yes, yes (applause is heard in the background).

Carmen: (Sara comes down from the stage and Carmen goes up) I am going to read my story, pay attention that it is very beautiful. (Read very proud and happy)

Elisa: (He puts on the radio the song he had prepared) I'm going to dance, I hope you like it and that on the day of the end-of-year party the parents also like it. (starts dancing)

Sindy: You danced super well, Elisa! We can end the party with the same song but this time we all dance with you.

Everyone: (excited) Great!

Alfred: It's my turn, I'm going to put up some chairs and skate around them. (He skates and does great)

Sindy: Nicolás, it's your turn, we all really want to hear your joke, it sure is very funny.

Nicholas: (with a shaking voice) Well, I have a very funny one but I don't want to go on stage.

Sara: What if you tell us down here?

Nicholas: (a little less worried) Okay, okay. (He tells his joke and everyone laughs a lot)

Sindy: You have nothing to worry about! You are very good at telling jokes!

Nicholas: Maybe if I go on stage now on the day of the party, I'm not so ashamed.

Everyone: Courage, Nicolás.

Nicholas: (He goes up on stage, recounts his joke and goes down next to his companions) Well, I felt good and I was almost not ashamed.

Everyone: Bravo! You've got it!

The curtain closes. End of the work.

And that's how rehearsal for the end of year party ended, well, it actually ended with a few applause from the audience.

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