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13 fascinating astronomy activities to enjoy with kids

13 fascinating astronomy activities to enjoy with kids

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Astronomy has something fascinating that captivates young and old. Looking at the stars, knowing the stars, understanding what happens out thereā€¦ These are questions that have captivated (and inspired) human beings since the beginning of time. Therefore, in we have compiled some astronomy activities with which you will enjoy a lot with the children. They are perfect for this summer, when we can extend the nights looking through the window because the next day we do not have to get up early to go to school.

And here is our compilation! You will have a great time.

1. Teach children to look at the stars
Looking at the stars through a telescope is the quintessential summer activity or, at least, at home. Whenever we went to my town to spend some fun days surrounded by family, we took the opportunity to dust off the telescope and look at the sky. Escaping the light pollution typical of cities, you can see incredible things: constellations of stars, the moon ... and if you are lucky, even a shooting star!

2. Go on an excursion to see the Meteor Showers
During the summer, in many parts of the world beautiful meteor showers take place. For me and my family, seeing the Tears of Saint Lawrence or Perseideas, which are usually seen in mid-summer, is a mandatory activity. It is a very exciting and precious time to share with children when they are older (because you have to be patient and stay awake for a long time). For this reason, I recommend taking an excursion to a secluded place in the city and contemplate this fascinating spectacle that the sky gives us.

3. Tales about the planets of the solar system
Does your child already know the names of the planets in the solar system? Many adults know them by way of a string, since we learned them by heart in childhood. However, there are more fun ways to know the planets, for example, through this story entitled 'The Solar System'. It is designed for children between 4 and 6 years old who want to become familiar with the characteristics and names of our neighboring planets. It is fun!

4. Create your own solar system!
The best way for children to learn is through experimentation. What if they could touch the planets? No, we are not proposing that you build a rocket ship and embark on a very complicated mission that will take months. We are suggesting that ... create your own solar system with Styrofoam balls! This entertaining craft is great for little ones to learn what the planets are called, what is their order, which ones have rings, what color each one is ... You can even dare to make some of their most important satellites.

5. Talk to children about famous astronauts
The name Valentina Tereshkova may not be familiar to you, but she was the first woman to travel into space. Talking to children about famous figures like this astronaut serves as inspiration. Do not miss this story!

6. Fable about the formation of the Milky Way
Greek mythology is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and entertainment. In this astronomical summer that we propose you to spend, you cannot miss this fable about how the Milky Way was formed. The gods of Olympus and Hercules will surprise your children, who will want to know more about the most famous myths.

7. Trivial about space
Little by little, through games and fun, your children will become little experts in outer space. Why don't you prepare a thematic trivia yourself? On a cardboard you have to draw a board with boxes and on paper cards you have to write questions (with their answer) that talk about the stars, stars, satellites, comets ...

8. Recite a nice poem about space
Astronomy and literature: a great combination for this summer. We propose you a beautiful poem entitled 'There is a planet'. It tells of a boy who wants to travel through outer space and reach a neighboring planet to make friends with all the aliens. You can learn it by heart and recite it together in front of the rest of the family.

9. The song of the planets
A song from your childhood that your children will also love. It is 'The song of the planets' by Enrique and Ana. The little ones will learn the names of the planets and some of their most outstanding qualities.

10. A fun experiment to explain the phases of the moon
Full, waning, new, growing ... Even adults are not very clear about how to differentiate one from the other, right? With this fun experiment your children will learn and understand (finally) the different phases the moon passes through. To carry it out, you just need an orange or tangerine, a golf ball (or ping pong ball) and a flashlight. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, your little one will understand the lunar cycle.

11. Coloring pages about the universe
Rockets, shooting stars, the moon ... Download these coloring pages for free, print them out and have a great time painting with your children. While you are drawing, you can take the opportunity to tell him what each thing is and what its importance is in space.

12. A tale set in outer space
This story, entitled 'In search of the planet', is carried out by affectionate aliens who live in space. In addition to entertaining children, this story will make them aware of the importance of caring for and respecting the planet we live on.

13. What are the stars called?
Ok, what we are going to propose next is not an astronomical activity, but it is related. And, in addition, it can be very useful in homes that, like us, are absolutely passionate about astronomy and are waiting for the arrival of a baby. What if you choose a star name for the new baby brother? It would be a great idea! To help you decide on one or the other, we have put together a name guide for both boys and girls that contains nicknames such as Leo or Maia.

What activity on astronomy are you going to organize with the children? Fun and learning are guaranteed!

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