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12 great little 2-year-old accomplishments that are surprising

12 great little 2-year-old accomplishments that are surprising

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How is it possible that my little one has grown so fast? It seems that he was born yesterday and suddenly he is two years old; a feeling that all fathers and mothers surely share. And it is that, although it may not seem like it, time goes by such leaps and bounds that there are times that we would like to be able to stop it to appreciate the wonderful moments that our children give us with their mere presence. In we have compiled a list of small (big) achievements of 2-year-olds that are more than surprising. It does not serve to stop time but to savor it a little more. Let's go there!

Some will do all these things before the age of two and others will show them a little later, the date is guiding and the skills too.Each child has his own rhythm! You will also see that each little one takes it to their land to leave their beloved parents with their mouths open. Read the list that we share with you here and add the more things your two-year-old does. A nice keepsake to keep on paper and of course in memory. They say that 2 is the most 'terrible' years for children. Do you agree?

1. Run, run and run
It is around the first year that babies begin to walk, undoubtedly one of the most difficult things there is for all the dexterity that is necessary. Well, it is at two years when they are already expert walkers and they are more than ready to launch into the race. Of course, trips and injuries to the knee will not wait. A little pomade, a kiss full of love and problem solved. Keep running!

2. Hitting his mom and dad
Saying 'I love you', giving a kiss with lots of slobber and a big hug will be one of the things that babies do before they stop being babies, but since not everything could be so beautiful, another of the things that children do to this age is to hit their parents with the hand when they are angry. Quiet, it is one more expression of that anger, however, it is necessary that you speak with affection and explain that this is not right.

3. Say 'hello' to everyone
Does your baby already know how to wave or say the word 'hello'? If he has just acquired this amazing skill, get ready because he will put it to use with everyone who crosses his path. Lovely!

4. Put the fork in your mouth
There are children who love puree and others who are more of soft pieces. My daughter is in the second group. She still has a few months to go until she is two years old but she is already an 'expert' in putting her fork in her mouth by herself. I put 'expert' in quotes so you can imagine, he usually leaves everything lost!

5. Swinging and not wanting to stop doing it
Has your little one already discovered the swing? If the answer is yes, what do you do to lower him so that he does not get angry? When I try to lower my baby is when she takes the opportunity to show me her fiercest character. The swing, that great discovery of two-year-olds who do not want to leave either sun or shade.

6. Kick the ball hard
Another thing that children around the age of two are very happy to do is kick the ball. It does not matter if it is a baby or an older one, the fact is that they love to see how that round object moves due to the fact that he pushes it with his foot. What fun!

7. Say your first words, including 'no'
Around the first year, babies start saying words like 'ma', 'pa', or even 'water'. It will be shortly after when they complement and say 'mom,' dad 'and many other words that are easy for them to pronounce. Do not be alarmed if your child says very few words, he will not take long to do it, he just needs time. By the way, 'no' will soon be part of his vocabulary and when it is, he will say it all the time!

8. Imitate everything you do
Why have you learned to say 'no'? Well, because he has heard it from his parents. The game of imitating the grown-ups, their favorite and the one that comes naturally to them, is put into practice at an early age. If you laugh, they laugh, if you raise your voice, they will too ... And so on with a lot of other things.

9. Try to put on socks
If when they barely reach a year they know how to take off their shoes and even their socks, especially when they go in the car and you do not realize it and you have to retrace your steps to recover the shoe, it will be around two years that they try put on your socks, or your shoes, maybe both! Of course they are not going to get it yet, it is more about developing the ability to know that this sock is on the foot and not anywhere else.

10. Drink water from a 'grown-up glass'
Skill that will surprise you if you offer him a glass of water to drink. Why? Well, because its development allows it. Be careful, that you know how to do it does not mean that you do not get wet and even less if you discover how fun it is to drop the water. How naughty they are!

11. Go up the slide and not just the ladder
I remember a few years ago I read an article that said that there is nothing wrong with children wanting to go up the slide right where they should jump. What's more, it has many benefits for your physical and mental growth. If your baby wants to climb the slide, go ahead, just stand next to him so he doesn't fall.

12. Riding a motorcycle or small bicycle
If you hit the ground while sitting on the motorbike or bike, it won't take long to discover how much fun it is to get around. Another thing that two-year-olds do and have a great time with. It's time to go to the park to ride a motorcycle or bicycle!

Now yes, it is your turn to continue adding things to the list. How exiting!

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