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Meaning of the name Tomas for boys

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Among all the baby boy names that exist, Tomás' has its originality. Although it is not one of the names most considered by parents when choosing a name for their baby, Tomás is a name that has been conquering ground, perhaps due to its history and origin.

Who has never heard the popular phrase that says 'seeing is believing'? That is one of the religious phrases that has even been used in advertisements. Well, it has its origin in San Tomás. He Apostle Thomas He was known for his unbelief, since the resurrection of Jesus was not believed until he showed him the wounds. It is also relevant in the history of this name Saint Thomas of Aquino, pattern of students.

Thomas is a common male name of Aramaic origin, which comes from Thoma or Theoma, and which means Twin or Twin.

The name Tomás celebrates his saints on July 3, but also on January 28, June 22, October 10 and December 29.

  • Tomás Luis de Victoria, Spanish musician (1548-1611)
  • Tomás Bretón, Spanish musician (1850-1923)
  • Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor (1847-1931)
  • Tom cruise, American actor (1962)
  • Tom Hanks, American actor (1956)
  • Tom Berenger, American actor (1949)
  • Tom Waits, American singer (1949)
  • Tomás Bretón, great violinist, composer who notably influenced the modernization of the music of his time (1850)
  • Tomás Luis de Victoria, considered the most illustrious composer of the Renaissance (1548)
  • Tomás de Torquemada, was born in Valladolid in 1420, one of the most implacable inquisitors of the crown of Castile and Aragon
  • Thomas alva edison, inventor of the electric light bulb. He was born in Ohio, USA in 1847

The name Tomas has as a short version the names, Tom, Tomi and Tam. The female versions of this name are Tomasa, Tamsin, Tasmina or Tami. The countries where the name Tomás is more common and known are Spain, the United Kingdom and Japan. And this is how the name Thomas is known in other languages:

  • German - Thomas, Tom, Tommi
  • Arab - Touma
  • Danish - Thomas
  • Scottish Germanic - Tam
  • French - Thomas
  • Galician - Take
  • Dutch - Thomas, Tom, Tomas, Thom, Tommie
  • Hungarian - Tamás
  • English - Thomas, Tom, Thom, Tommy, Thommie, Tomas, Tomm
  • Irish - Tomás, Tommy, Tomaltach
  • Italian - Tommaso, Tomasso
  • Japanese - Tomasu
  • Norwegian - Thomas, Tomas, Tom
  • Portuguese - Thomaz, Tomaz, Tomás, Tomé
  • Romanian - Here, Tomescu
  • Swedish - Tomas, Thomas, Tom, Tommy

In numerology the name Thomas corresponds to number 5. This number indicates that those who bear this name may have an outgoing and impulsive temperament. They are curious and lovers of experiences, of knowing and knowing. They love to be with people and to always be accompanied.

They tend to be sociable, popular and with many friends. They can also be creative, noble, and passionate about their loved ones.

Tomás is a very common name in Spain, Japan and the United Kingdom, and it is carried by some famous people. We tell you some names of famous and well-known characters, who bear the name of Tomás, as well as their variants.

  • Thomas Breton - Tomás Bretón y Hernández was a Spanish musician.
  • Tom cruise - Thomas Cruise, better known as Tom Cruise, is an American actor who has starred in countless movies.
  • Tom Hanks - American actor and producer, one of the most recognized performers in Hollywood.
  • Thomas A. Edison - American inventor of the light bulb.
  • Tom waits - Thomas Alan Waits, better known as Tom Waits, is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor.
  • Tom Hiddleston - Thomas William Hiddleston is a British film, television and stage actor.
  • Thomas Law - Thomas John Law is a British actor, best known for playing Peter Beale on the series EastEnders.

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