The main symptoms of premature labor

The main symptoms of premature labor

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Although the desire to have your baby skin to skin is great, no pregnant woman wants that moment to come forward, because they are aware of the health problems for her and the little one. Next, we tell you which ones with the main symptoms of premature labor.

Preterm labor is something that arises spontaneously And, although it cannot be prevented, there are different guidelines for having a healthy pregnancy. First, it is essential to receive regular prenatal medical care to alert of any abnormality in both the mother's and the baby's health, and it is also the ideal occasion to ask questions about any doubts you may have.

According to different research, people who follow a healthy diet and consume polyunsaturated fats have a lower probability of having a premature birth, since they keep their body healthy. These healthy fats are found in foods like nuts, seeds, or seed oil, and fish like salmon, herring, albacore, and even trout, among others.

The healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle, so consequently you should avoid consuming harmful substances such as tobacco or alcohol, in order to maintain a life as healthy as possible throughout the pregnancy period. Finally, waiting time between pregnancies is crucial, since having two pregnancies in less than six months increases the probability of having a premature pregnancy.

The earlier the delivery, the more complications it can entail for the mother and the newborn. The most common complication is that the lungs are immature, since it is the last to form before birth, usually at week 36. However, if there is suspicion that the baby could be born prematurely, the evaluation can be performed the level of lung development of the fetus and assess the possibility of administering treatment to accelerate lung development and that the child is born in the best possible conditions.

In general, the medical team will assess each special case of threatened premature birth and will consider the best way to resolve said birth, depending on the health conditions of the mother and the fetus, and may conclude by cesarean section or vaginal delivery. In case that happens, delivering in a clinic with a neonatal intensive care unit is recommended specialized to receive the necessary treatment according to the delivery.

A pregnancy normally lasts between 37 and 42 weeks, however, a preterm birth is medically defined when it occurs before 37 weeks of gestation, and is accompanied by a series of symptoms that, although not always lead to premature birth, it is necessary to attend to the doctor in the event of any of the following complaints:

1. Regular uterine contractions, with high levels of pain and in other cases without any pain.

2. Sensation of pelvic pressure, which refers to that feeling of heaviness or that the baby is pushing down.

3. Vaginal bleeding or hemorrhage.

4. Pain in the lower back.

5. Abdominal cramps, as if you were menstruating or want to vomit.

6. Breaking waters.

7. Increased vaginal discharge and / or bloody vaginal discharge.

8. Belly pain, possibly with diarrhea.

9. Hip pain.

Preterm birth is not common and occurs in only 6% to 12% of births. Some diseases of the mother such as urinary and / or vaginal infections, heart disease, diabetes or severe anemia can predispose to premature delivery. On the other hand, there are also other factors that make the delivery date more likely, such as having had previous abortions, suffering alterations in the uterus, placental abruption or having a multiple pregnancy.

In addition, other external factors such as stress or if the mother's age is less than 18 years or older than 35, makes it more likely to have a premature birth. However, even if the mother has one or more risk factors, it does not necessarily mean that the delivery is going to be early.

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