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It is easier to raise and educate a boy than a girl. Or was it the other way around?

It is easier to raise and educate a boy than a girl. Or was it the other way around?

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If you're mother of a girl and a boy Surely they have asked you or you have asked yourself if it is easier to raise and educate one or the other. And, no matter how similar it is or should be, there are always differences imposed by society. I also have a son and a daughter and what I am here to tell you is not advice or anything like that, but my opinion and my experience.

The answer, you probably share with me, is that it is not easy to raise any. It is not easy to raise a boy or a girl, you always have to make an effort, overcome challenges and other things that you already know very well.

Now, is it easier to raise one than the other? Of course Today it is a little easier to raise and educate a boy than a girl and I'm not talking about the clichés that boys are simpler and girls more convoluted. I have never paid attention to those set phrases that everyone says, I think that each child has their own personality and that the example of parents has a lot to do with it.

So why do I say that it is easier to educate a boy than a girl? It is here, with your permission, that I am going to tell you about my experience.

My son's teacher told us once in a school meeting that girls, today, still had it more complicated, he said it when we were talking about the Three Wise Men and the fact that there are still toys that seem to be only for them or for them. He invited us to try to give the girls one of those toys that 'are for children' and to see for ourselves that they also have fun with those things.

And from one topic came the other, the one that today is still on everyone's lips but not everyone dares to tell. My son's teacher explained to us that girls continue to be socially disadvantaged regarding men and that we, as parents, are essential to achieve change. At that time I was pregnant with my daughter and the words of this teacher gave me a lot to think about.

Today my son is 7 years old and my daughter 2, and the words of the teacher in that meeting did not fall on deaf ears. I started to think that raising a boy and a girl is exactly the sameYou both have the same baby needs, you both have to take them to school, prepare the birthday party, sign up for extracurricular activities, give a hug when they are sad or tell a bedtime story and all of this, of course, adapted to the character and personality of each one.

So, if they are born the same, why raise different ones? Well, because of what he said at the beginning, because of society. I give you an example. I have not put earrings on my daughter and many times on the street I hear: 'what a handsome boy'. Why doesn't he wear earrings, they call him a boy Well yes, for that very reason. An insignificant example that is extrapolated to other situations.

What do I do to try to make educating my son as easy or as complicated as doing it with my daughter? Well, for example, I transmit to both the same values, limits and norms. I allow them to play with the same things whether it be dolls or racing cars. I give them the same kisses and hugs. I show them, each according to their age, that we all help and do the housework and I let them see that the world out there is hard but that if they are brave and responsible they can become whatever they want to be.

Is it more difficult to raise according to whether it is a boy or a girl? Well, I think the answer is in each mother, each father, each grandfather and each uncle. Together we can make each little one have the same opportunities.

I'm going to try it with my children, and you?

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