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Santa Ana's Day, July 26. Names for girls

Santa Ana's Day, July 26. Names for girls

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Ana is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means 'full of grace and compassion'. It is one of the most frequent names that, despite its long tradition, is still preferred by parents and girls. In addition, the beauty of the name Ana can be highlighted by accompanying it with any other name. In any case, this is a name that dazzles for its simplicity and the calm it gives off. Celebrate your birthday on July 26, which is the day of Santa Ana.

For the meaning of your name, Ana has an overwhelming and charismatic personality. Her sympathy and warmth lead her to success in social relationships and her sensitivity stands out over any other characteristic of her personality. In addition, Ana is a hard-working and tenacious person capable of carrying out any project in the workplace.

Ana is a capicúa name, that is, it reads the same from right to left, a characteristic that makes it almost unique, hence these girls have great magnetism and shine above the rest in a very subtle way.

To find more details about this name we have to go to the Bible, where we will also find its history and, above all, its roots. Already in the Old Testament we come across a character baptized with this name and that corresponded to Samuel's mother. Later, in the New Testament, we discover that the mother of the Virgin Mary, that is, the grandmother of Jesus, was called Ana.

Hence the tradition has come that, every July 26, in addition to being celebrated in Santo de Ana, Grandparents' Day is also celebrated, in honor of the mother of the Virgin Mary and, also, in honor of Joaquín, the father of it, who also celebrates his saint on this date. Three party reasons for July 26!

The appeal of this name is that it is very short and straightforward, something that catches the attention of many parents. Others, on the other hand, although they fall in love with him, consider that he does not express everything that their little girl can transmit and decide to combine it with others of equal beauty and value. Which one do you prefer?

  • Ana Maria
  • Ana Patricia
  • Ana Lorena
  • Ana Paula
  • Ana Sofia
  • Ana cristina
  • Ana Lucia
  • Ana Alice
  • Ana Beatriz
  • Ana Carolina

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The number of charismatic women who have carried your daughter's name throughout history is uncountable. It should be noted that Anne is the name of a queen, like Anne Boleyn, queen consort of England after marrying Henry VIII, or Anne Stuart, queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. But if there is a woman who has remained in our memory, it is Anna Karenina, the protagonist of the novel of the same name by the Russian Tolstoy.

More recently we find many women in social and artistic life who bear the name of your daughter, such as the singers Ana Torroja, Ana Belén or Ana Gabriel, the actresses Ana Obregón, Ana de Armas, Ana de la Reguera and Ana de Lima, or former Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Also tell you that it is a name that has many options, depending on the country or region where we are and the language spoken there, we can find different variants:

  • Ana in German: Annelies, Anna, Hanna, Anja.
  • Ana in English: Hannah, Anne, Ann, Annie, Anna, Anabelle.
  • Ana in French: Ann, Anne, Annette, Anaïs.
  • Ana in Italian: Anna, Anetta, Annina.
  • Ana in Norwegian: Ann, Anna.
  • Ana in Russian: Enn, Anna, Annet, Anya.
  • Ana in Basque: Ane, Anne.
  • Ana in Catalan / Valencian: Anna, Aina.
  • Ana in Aragonese / Galician: Aina.

In addition to those already mentioned, San Joaquín and Santa Ana, there are other saints who also celebrate their day at the end of July according to the Catholic Church:

  • Saint Austindo, bishop of Auch (France).
  • Santa Bartolomea Capitanio, Italian saint founder of the order 'The Sisters of Charity of Lovere'.
  • Saint Erastus of Corinth, treasurer of the city of Corinth, who rendered his services to the apostle Saint Paul.
  • Saint George Preca, was first beatified by John Paul II and later canonized by Benedict XVI.
  • Saint Simeon of Mantua, Armenian Benedictine monk.

And if everything that we have told you so far seemed little to you, there are still more things that you have to discover about this name so simple, but at the same time so beautiful. To do this, we pull what numerology saves on these three letters of the alphabet.

To begin with, we will tell you that Ana's name is linked to the number 7, a number that enjoys a very good reputation, since in some cultures it is given a magical character. It is a digit that is very present in our lives, for example, 7 days a week, the 7 notes of the musical scale, the 7 deadly sins ...

The 7 is usually identified with children who are very idealistic and dreamers, who are always thinking about thousands of things, hence the famous phrase 'You are in the clouds' many times. They are also quite naive, which will make other people try to take advantage of them, but this feature will also help them achieve their goals without taking anyone along.

As a negative part, to say that people who grow up accompanied by this digit can become quite lonely, since as we have explained before, they 'live in their world' and that leads them to isolate themselves from their environment, but not because they do not have social skills, but because they don't find anyone who shares their way of seeing life.

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