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Recipe to survive family coexistence with children in summer

Recipe to survive family coexistence with children in summer

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During these holidays, what we most want is to rest and disconnect, however, there is a task that we can neither forget nor put aside, and that is THE FAMILY. With her, we will spend days of coexistence and a lot of affection (or not ...). It seems that in summer the family life is more complicated than the account. Therefore, below we have compiled some tips that form something like a recipe for survive family life with children during this summer vacation.

Is there a trick to improve family life in these days of recess? To begin with, the first thing that must be taken into account is everything that must be avoided so that family coexistence is healthy. And, mainly, there are three things:

- The insults.

- The lack of respect.

- And of course, the habit of ignoring the other members of the family.

If we keep these three points present in any area of ​​coexistence that we have during these days of rest, we will ensure that coexistence will be:

- Empathic. This means that we put ourselves in the shoes of the other before responding.

- Careful. Which implies that we take care of each other.

- And of course, we appeal to the loving attitude to carry out any response and action.

Remember that accumulated stress and fatigue generated from months of work and obligations, they have us at a high level of reaction. And this situation is not going to allow us to have a healthy coexistence. Therefore, before going on vacation or spending time with your loved ones, you can make a change of attitude that includes all these criteria:

- Be in response and not in reaction.

- Be understanding / or with the present moment (do not drag past events).

- And of course, breathe before answering, especially if the answer is not going to be good.

It seems that the theory is clear: we are all quite clear about how we can improve coexistence in the family: reassuring ourselves and leaving stress out of the recipe. However, when it comes to putting it into practice, it is a bit more complicated, don't you think? Therefore, below I have collected a series of tips that can help you achieve it successfully.

1. Learn to breathe
I recommend that you practice deep breaths every day of your vacations and incidentally, start creating a new habit, which will help you carry a better season once you return to work as well as school rhythm and family life at the same time as the personal.

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2. Nothing happens if everything is not achieved
On the other hand, it is important to make the children aware of whether what they are asking for at this time is a need or a whim. Making this distinction between them will also avoid conflict between siblings. And it will avoid possible feelings of guilt for not reaching everything they demand of you.

3. Goodbye, social networks!
And if we invite them to take a break from social networks, we can also take the opportunity to change habits. eye! That this point will only work if they see you (as parents) respect it. As always, the example is essential for there to be a real change in behavior in the little ones in the house.

4. Talk about emotions
These vacations will be a time to enjoy each other, to show feelings and emotions, to enjoy together, or to feel loving with the company of grandparents, uncles, cousins, brothers and parents.

Since We hope you enjoy En Amor y Con Amor.

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