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19 cute combinations of compound names with Javier that look good

19 cute combinations of compound names with Javier that look good

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If we start talking about the things to prepare for the baby's arrival, the list seems endless: the room, his clothes, the backpack for the days you are going to spend in the hospital, the name ... Of course, how all of them are done with the greatest of illusions, they are not heavy tasks at all. Do you want us to help you choose the name for the baby you are expecting? We have prepared a list of combinations to form beautiful compound names with Javier. Read them aloud followed by the surname that your child will carry, the one that most fills your heart with joy will be the one chosen.

Now that you know that your baby is a boy, it's time to start shuffling names. If you like the idea of ​​your little one wearing a composite one, we have to tell you that you are part of the families that are rescuing the tradition of compound names. Let's start by looking at the meaning and origin of the name Javier and then we'll see a series of combinations, each one more beautiful. Which of all these names will you choose?

Javier is a proper name for boys that have their origin in the Basque Country (Spain) and that comes to mean 'new house, castle'. Today it is a very popular name both in Spain and in Latin America. Did you know that this beautiful name is written Xabier in Basque? And its most used diminutive is Javi. It is also a nickname that refers to the saint Francisco Javier. His name day is celebrated on December 3.

The people who carry this nickname are humble, hard-working and honest but also a little reserved and perhaps somewhat independent and, although they like to have their space, they are always next to theirs to help them in everything they need.

It's time to see the names made up with Javier, you will love them! We start with those combinations that use Javier's name first.

1. Javier Rubén
Rubén is a masculine proper name of biblical origin and refers to the son of Jacob and Lía who gave name to the tribe of the Rubenites. However, Rubén has its roots in Hebrew, specifically in the term 'ribal' which means 'look, a son!'.

2. Javier Victor
Victor is a proper name for children of Latin origin. Its meaning is 'the victor'. Undoubtedly a compound name that has a lot of strength and that at the same time sounds the sweetest, don't you think?

3. Javier Sebastian
Sebastián is a name of Greek origin although it is not known exactly what term it comes from. Its meaning is 'honor, revere'.

4. Javier Alejandro
The name Alexander comes from the ancient Greek of the term 'Alexandros' which in turn comes from 'Alexo' and 'andrós', whose meaning is 'He who protects or forcefully separates man'. It offers many variants such as Álex or Alexandro.

5. Javier Alberto
Alberto is a proper name of Germanic origin that has its variant in Spanish. Did you know that it comes from a contraction of the term Adalberto and comes to mean 'The one who shines through his nobility or brilliant nobility'?

6. Javier Juan
Juan is a name of Hebrew origin, its main precursor is the Bible and it means 'The man who is faithful to God'. It combines very well with Javier as both are short names that begin with 'J'.

7. Javier Alfredo
Alfredo is a masculine name for boys that has its origin in Old Germanic, derives from the words 'all' and 'frith' and means 'very peaceful, protective nobility'.

8. Javier Luis
The name Luis has Germanic roots in the term 'Hlod' and comes to mean 'illustrious or enlightened in battle', therefore, everything seems to indicate that they are people with a fighting character.

9. Javier Hugo
The name Hugo comes from Latin and literally means 'Intelligent and insightful man'. If you accompany him by Javier you will have a beautiful name full of personality for your baby.

10. Javier Marcos
Marcos has its origin in the Germanic language and comes to say 'Hammer', that is, it is related to the god Mars. Without a doubt a name that gives off energy by itself. Did you know that Marcos is one of those names that is also used as a surname?

It's time to see the compound names for boys that end with Javier, will you find your favorite here?

11. Jose Javier
José is a biblical name of Hebrew origin, Latinized would be 'Ioseph or Iosephus' and it means 'Yavhé has erased, Yavhé add'. And it is undeniable that Javier and Jose are two names that fit very well together, don't you think?

12. Antonio Javier
The name Antonio is widely used in Spain, Italy and Portugal. It has its origin in Greek although it derives from the Latin 'Antonius'. It means 'one who faces his adversaries or brave'.

13. Diego Javier
Diego is a masculine name whose origin is not entirely clear, there are those who say that it comes from Greek and who thinks that it is a Hispanic nickname. Its meaning is also unknown.

14. Jorge Javier
Jorge comes from the Greek 'Georgos' and comes to mean 'The gardener man, farmer'. It did become very popular in the 11th century and it still is to this day.

15. Manuel Javier
Manuel is a classic proper name where they exist. Did you know that it comes from the Hebrew words 'Emmanu and El' and means 'God is with us'? A good choice for a newborn baby!

16. Francisco Javier
Francisco is a purely Italian name, it is in this country that his origin lies. In fact, if you are thinking of putting it on your child, you will like to know that it is derived from the Italian name Francesco. Its meaning is 'The French of honor'.

17. Pedro Javier
Pedro is a proper name for children of Spanish origin, it comes from the Latin name 'Petrus' and means 'stone'. Do you like how it is with Javier?

18. Cesar Javier
Caesar comes from the Latin 'Caesaries' and means 'with abundant and long hair'. If you join him to Javier you will have a compound name for your modern and at the same time classic baby.

19. Carlos Javier
Carlos is a proper name of Latin origin that has its variant in Spanish although it has always been said that it is of German origin; means 'free man'. Did you know that her female version is Carolina?

Choosing the name for the baby you are expecting will be easier than ever.

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