Compound names

Compound names. Cute names for boys that match Antonio

Compound names. Cute names for boys that match Antonio

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When the good news arrives that you are going to be one of the family, you start to make a list, with great enthusiasm, of all the things that must be prepared and, although it is not the most important thing, one of those things that takes one of the first places is the name that the baby will have. What do you think of the idea that your son has a name composed with Antonio? To help you decide, we have put together a short guide with names for boys that match Antonio. You will like them very much.

There are families who have the name thought for their son even before they know that he is already in the womb and other parents on the other hand who do nothing but think about it. If Antonio is among your favorites, the ideas of compound names that we share with you here are sure to enchant you. Let's see first of all the meaning and origin of this proper name so beautiful.

The masculine name Antonio is very common in many places in Spain, Italy and Portugal. It is said to be of Greek origin and its meaning is unknown, although there are experts who claim that it actually derives from Latin, specifically from the name 'Antonius' whose meaning is 'person or man who faces his adversaries with bravery and courage.' However, recent studies confirm that the nickname Antonio comes from the Greek 'Anthos'. Be that as it may, what is clear to us is that it is a beautiful, classic and timeless nickname where they exist.

If we analyze a little more in detail how is the way of being and the personality of those who bear the name Antonio, we see that they are introverted and somewhat shy people who find it difficult to show their emotions at the first change, but when they already gain confidence with someone they become very talkative. They are always very familiar and transmit peace and tranquility. The saint of Antonio is celebrated every June 13 in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua and on January 17 by San Antonio Abad. It has several diminutives: Toño, Toni or Antón are the most popular.

It's time to see the list of compound names that start with Antonio, how beautiful!

Read them aloud with their meaning and origin to know which one is your chosen one for your child.

1. Antonio Cristobal
Cristóbal is a proper name for boys that comes from the Greek 'Khristóphoros'. Its meaning is 'bearer of Jesus, the one who supports Christ'.

2. Antonio Ivan
The proper name Iván is a variant of the Hebrew nickname of Juan whose meaning comes to say 'person blessed by God'.

3. Antonio Hector
Héctor is a proper name for boys that has Greek origin and that has its variant in Spanish. If we break down its etymology we see that it derives from the term 'Héktôr' and that it means 'person who possesses something valuable.'

4. Antonio Fernando
Fernando is a very beautiful masculine name that comes from the Germanic 'Firthunands' and whose meaning is 'peace, freedom, person who seeks harmony'.

5. Antonio Abundio
Abundio is a name for boys that you hear little but it sounds very good, don't you think? Especially if it is accompanied by the nickname Antonio. Abundio is of Latin origin, derived from the term 'Abundius' which means 'in abundance or copious'.

6. Antonio Javier
Javier, as we have already told you on some other occasion, means 'big castle or house', it has its origin in the Basque Country and it is the most popular today.

7. Antonio Emiliano
Emiliano is a Latin origin name whose meaning is 'very hardworking person'. Did you know that it was widely used as a surname in the time of the Roman Empire?

8. Antonio Roque
The masculine name Roque comes from the German term 'hroc' which means 'a cry that calls for war'.

9. Antonio Álvaro
The origin of the proper name Álvaro is the term 'Alwar'. If we unravel it we see two names 'all' and 'wers' and that together they mean 'prudence, protection'.

If you have not made your choice yet, surely here you will find the one that most fills your heart with joy.

10. Adrian Antonio
The proper name Adrián is of Latin origin with its variant Adriano. Its meaning is 'person who lives in the sea or who lives off the sea'.

11. Diego Antonio
Diego is a modern masculine name whose origin is not entirely clear. There are those who affirm that it comes from Greek and others insist that it is a Hispanic nickname. In any case, what is true is that it combines great with Antonio.

12. Marco Antonio
Marco, as you well know, is of Latin origin and comes to say 'to be consecrated to Mars, relative to the god Mars'.

13. Jose Antonio
José Antonio is a very common compound name for boys today. The nickname José is of Hebrew origin. Latinized would be 'Ioseph or Iosephus'. Its meaning is 'Yavhé has erased, may Yavhé add'.

14. Pablo Antonio
Pablo is a name for children of Latin origin, specifically it comes from the nickname 'Paulus'. Its meaning is 'small man or person full of humility'.

15. Manuel Antonio
This name is of Hebrew origin and means 'God is with us all'. Do you like how Manuel sounds next to Antonio? This can be your choice!

16. Oliver Antonio
The nickname Oliver is of Latin origin, it derives from the word 'olive' being that same its meaning 'olive tree that gives life.'

17. Juan Antonio
And what do you think of this name to give to the baby on the way? Juan! You know that this name means 'compassion for Yahweh' and is of Hebrew origin.

Congratulations dear mom!

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