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12 + 1 ways to show your child how much you love him

Tell me something dear mom, how do you tell your son that you love him? Surely the answer is the same that occurs to me, using those words: 'I love you'. But what if I ask you another way? How do you manage to show your son how much you love him? Perhaps here the kisses and hugs that you give him every day come to mind. Of course it is, but there is still much more. Here are the 13 (12 + 1, for the most superstitious) ways to show love to children, each one more beautiful.

We have thought of 13, or rather we would have to say that we only cited 13 to set a limit because if we start talking about the love of parents towards children, the thing would seem to have no end.

If you think so, let's review them together and then you complete the list to your liking. Do not lose sight of it, because you can re-read it whenever you want, especially on those days when you have the feeling that you cannot see the unconditional love you have for your children. We started!

1. You give him a kiss full of love to say good morning
And good night, and when you drop him off at school ... And so many more times at the end of the day. What can we do! Although there are times when the little ones shy away from that kiss, we will always have it there for him.

2. You sit by his side to watch his favorite movie
Your child is watching his favorite movie, the one he already knows by heart. You go by his side quickly because you have a thousand things to do and still you stay by his side for a long time to share those moments with him.

3. You prepare his favorite dish when you see that he has a bad day
He comes home from school discouraged because he has scolded with his friend and you listen to him while you put his favorite dish on the table to try to make him happy.

4. You encourage him to make his dreams come true
'Mom, when I grow up I want to be an astronaut.' And you answer: 'I think it's great, you can be whatever you want!' Without a doubt another beautiful way to show him how much you love him.

5. You read a story together
And you do it every night, no matter how tired you are or how you want to sit on the couch for a little while to think about yourself.

6. You take him to extracurricular activities
You organize your schedule to be able to take him to and from the extracurricular activity that he likes so much, even if that means you have to make an extra effort or sacrifice. What better token of love than this?

7. You hold his hand when he's nervous
Maybe this other one. You hold your child's hand when he's nervous about the next day's test or because he's going on a field trip and you do it without saying a word. Just to see that you are by his side and that everything is going to be okay.

8. You don't say 'I told you so'
He falls in the park for not being careful that you have told him several times and instead of saying 'I told you so', you go to his side to give him a kiss and tell him to continue playing with caution.

9. You don't give him all the whims he asks for
Shall we continue with the list of ways to show your child that you love him? So we have to talk about the limits. The ones you put when, for example, he asks you to buy him this and that or to let him watch television for more time.

10. You tell him what he does not do well
I prefer to call it consequence rather than punishment. The fact is that there are times when it is just as necessary as limits. Of course, it must always be said with affection and respect.

11. You allow your friends to come home
And not only that, but you also give yourself the idea that you invite them to spend an afternoon of games at home. It's worth it just to see her face full of illusion!

12. You make plans as a family
Every weekend you prepare something fun to do as a family. Is there anything better than spending quality time together?

13. You leave your mobile to be with him
You forget about your mobile and answer that email from work to be with your son, to talk to him about his day and to tell him how yours has gone. Without a doubt, another token of love that all parents should have with our children.

It's your turn, add as many more ways you want to show your child that you love him. How exciting!

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