Psychological changes

The story that helps you understand how your teenager is feeling

The story that helps you understand how your teenager is feeling

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Teen vacations often bring processes of loneliness. Many times his friends are not there and it can happen that the events of this state are reinforced in times when there is nothing to do. This story does not seek to solve these difficulties, but rather wants to help you empathize and better understand your teenager; understand what is happening to you and how you feel. Perhaps, more than telling them what to do, they require that we be there when they want to talk about it with all the affection possible, right?

There is usually a whirlwind that I can't assimilate. I am between nothing and millions of things that come out and flit between my life and my breath. Worst of all, I have no idea what I want to think about. My friends are with their parents. Some are in the field and others on the odd beach. We talk on the cell phone every day and hopefully I see the rays of the sun. I am in this moment with me and with the shadow of what I want to be.

I don't really know what I want. I'm only writing because these times catch me in a complete tornado that I don't even understand. The tornado and the dark cave are little reflections that operate in my mind. My mother's voice does not contribute anything, because she is not capable of touching what happens in this map of emotional labyrinths.

Wanting to do, but not knowing how to do it. The motivation is a person who usually arrives late or falls asleep in the room. I'm not between a rock and a hard place, instead I made up the intermittent word between challenge and nothing. I would like to say something but not even the words want to come out.

There are some things that start to wake me up. To one friend it is tennis, to another superhero movies, to another it is music. To me it is football and science fiction stories. Sometimes I want to share them, but I always receive judgments or criticisms about my tastes. I don't need that, I don't want opinions of what I'm discovering. I just want to enjoy them.

This vacation time is a real door open to silence. That nothing can disturb us. To find ourselves. So mom, I know you want that tender and loving child by your side, but I'm already on a mountain and I don't know what port I want to reach. I appreciate that you do not judge me or evaluate my actions. I just want to be here between nothingness itself and my own history.

And if you sometimes want to enter, please do not let it be responsibilities or duties that disturb the silence. I do want you to challenge me and ask me questions that invite me to speak. Once, and I still remember it, a teacher told me that he did not want to judge me, but left the door open for me to express what I wanted. And if I'm wrong, let him be careful. It is the essential of training.

Thank you silence for being able to find these words. Hopefully my family has the same ability to find that silence and listen to how my mind expresses itself within nothingness itself.

As a very expert trainer used to say, ladolescence is the invitation to meet your 'I'. There is no need to be afraid because the child is no longer that infant who was incessantly looking for the father to share whatever. It is the encounter with your own universe.

We parents must now put aside our role as 'king and norm'. During adolescence, we must be an authority who understands and knows how to dance with his own world.

So do not despair over this very thing. I invite you to see how this moment is (as José Kentenich, founder of the Schoensttat Catholic Movement would say) a creative result, which allows us to find the bottom of our own identity.

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