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Traveling by plane with children

Traveling by plane with children

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In summer the desire to travel by plane with children and go on family vacations multiplies. The flights low cost and the cheap rates allow many travelers, and especially families, to enjoy brief getaways to national or international destinations without the need to make a large financial outlay. However, if you want to travel by plane with young children, planning a vacation can be essential for most families, especially if they plan to travel by plane.

Preparing the trip as far in advance as possible means not leaving unknown details or issues until the last minute. Planning in advance is the key when flying with children, especially if we take into account that regulations change very frequently.

1. Baggage. What can and cannot be got on the plane when traveling with children? How much luggage is allowed on the plane? How to take advantage of airline offers to travel as a family with weight and luggage restrictions? It all depends on the airline you are flying with, so we advise you to check the conditions before booking your tickets. Most major airlines low cost (such as Vueling, Ryan Air or EasyJet) allow you to check in a bag of between 15 and 23 Kg per passenger with an additional cost that moves between € 10 and € 20 maximum.

Regarding the weight of specific luggage for children under two years of age, some airlines - such as Virgin Atlantic or Iberia - allow a maximum of 23 kg to be checked in at no additional cost. However, most companies do not accept more than 10 kg per checked luggage for children under 2 years of age.

2. Chair or special seat for children on the plane.Normally, it is advisable for the child to be insured in a travel chair, when a specific seat has been purchased for him on the plane, a seat that is usually mandatory in all companies from 2 years of age. In that case, most airlines allow a stroller or wheelchair to get on board without incurring any additional financial charge. There are some exceptions, such as Ryanair, which adds a charge of € 10 per seat and / or travel cot.

However, each company has different weight and size limits; for example, in the case of Easyjet, the seat cannot exceed 42 cm in width and must have a metal or rigid plastic frame. So the best, as always, is to call ahead to make sure you can get yours on board. The light and folding seats are much more comfortable to travel than those that are separated into two parts and are larger. McLaren strollers, for example, tend to be lighter and could be a good solution for traveling as lightly as possible.

3. Cradle for babies during the flight. Most airlines have cots, especially for long-haul trips, but they also set weight and size limits. In the case of a company like Iberia, for example, the cots are for babies up to 8 months and 11 kg in weight. Of course, they offer the option of reserving it in advance (but not through the web), since the plane has only a limited number and you run the risk of running out of it. The best option is to reserve it when buying the ticket.

4. Reserve a seat for the child on the plane. It is compulsory whenever your child is over two years old. In the event that the baby is younger than this age, you can share the seat with an adult. Normally, airlines apply a minimum additional charge for babies who do not occupy their own seat. This is the case of several low-cost companies, such as Easyjet, which has a fixed rate of € 25 per baby, Ryanair, which has a fixed rate of € 20, or Iberia Express, which is 10 percent of the ticket price.

5. Special bag to store the baby chair or stroller at check-in. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. This minimizes any damage during transport. In addition, practically all airlines allow the stroller to be carried to the doors of the plane and later store it in the hold.

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